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June 4, 2020 by Minerva Tutors,

If you’ve found Minerva Tutors because you’re interested in hiring a British tutor to help with your children’s education but you don’t live in the UK and you’ve got questions about how we can help, this article is for you.

Although we’re based in London, many of our highly-qualified, fully-trained tutors are currently at work in residential placements around the world. Alternatively, we can reach any home around the globe via our online tutoring channels.

Each tutoring assignment is different, but the type of work an international tutor performs typically falls into one of four main categories: after school tutor, holiday tutor, homeschooling tutor, or school admissions tutor.

Please note: during the current Coronavirus pandemic, we are still offering all our residential tutoring services as normal where it is lawful to do so.

After school tutor

Let’s say you are living outside of the UK and your children attend a regular school. You may want to hire a tutor to help with the following:

  • foreign language tuition
  • tuition for subjects not taught at school (e.g arts or music)
  • homework help
  • special educational needs support
  • general academic supervision / mentoring
  • exam preparation

In this case, a tutor from Minerva Tutors in the UK would work with your children 2 to 4 hours a day, in the evenings, after school, and on weekends, taking charge of all academic instruction and supervision.

Either, the tutor would fly out to live with your family on a typical contract of 6 months to 1 year, though this can vary. Or the tutor would remain in the UK and teach your children online.

Our residential placements do come at a premium. However, by hiring a tutor from Minerva Tutors to live with your family the impact on your children’s education will be second to none. 

Our online services typically provide solutions for the short term — i.e. a revision course over a school holiday — and are more cost effective. 

A large source of our enquiries come from families who have relocated to a new country and are looking for a tutor to improve their children’s language skills, and/or easing them into an unfamiliar curriculum.

We also work with British expatriate families who are temporarily living abroad, and who wish to keep their children up to date with the National Curriculum. 

For more information on hiring an after school tutor from Minerva Tutors, please enquire here for our online services, or here for our residential placements. If you would like to know more about how online tuition works, visit this helpful guide. When making an enquiry, please be as detailed about your situation as you can.

Holiday tutor

Holiday tutors perform a similar function to after school tutors but do so in school holidays. Holiday tutors most commonly help with study skills, homework help, motivational training, but can also provide sports or arts mentorship. Holiday tutors will come to stay with you, and it is common for tutors to travel with your family if you are travelling yourself.

Hiring a British Tutor for homeschooling

As the UK’s leading homeschooling experts, we also provide our services overseas, either in person or online.

In this scenario, you would be living outside of the UK, your child would not be registered at a school, and you would be engaging Minerva Tutors to supply a tutor, or group of tutors, to fulfil a full time academic education programme. 

Homeschooling worldwide is not uncommon. Here are some of the cases where it can be very successful:

  • you are living in an area where attending a traditional school is not possible
  • you are travelling too often to make attending a traditional school impossible
  • the traditional schools in your area are not suitable for your children to attend
  • your children have recently left school and need academic support before they start a new school
  • your children have special educational needs
  • you are attracted to homeschooling because of the academic freedom it provides and you would like to design a totally bespoke education for your children

International homeschooling from Minerva Tutors benefits from:

  • a world class tutor, or group of tutors
  • bespoke curriculum design
  • education support from our head office in London
  • school placement advice and mentoring where necessary
  • Weekly subject reports to track progress

As for all our international tutors, homeschooling tutors can be contracted to live with your family, or nearby, for the duration of the homeschooling period. Or they can be contracted to work online.

Many of our international homeschooling clients form close bonds with their tutors and we are proud that many remain in touch after their formal work is completed.

We do not underestimate the influence our tutors may have on their pupils, perhaps for the rest of their lives, which is why finding the right candidate is so important.

In some cases, pupils may attend school on a part time basis. In which case, we offer part time ‘hybrid homeschooling’ packages to provide a rich and diverse education for your child.

School Admissions tutor

A school admissions tutor is different to a conventional tutor. Their job is to ensure pupils develop the specific skills they need to ensure they achieve a place at a desired school.

In this instance, you would not be living in the UK but you would like your child to gain a place at a prestigious school, either nearby to you, or in the UK, and you require expert help to prepare them.

School admissions tutors will help with the following:

If you would like more information on school admissions in general, or placing your child at a particular school, we can also provide expert consultancy services.

If you already have a place for your child at a UK school, we can also introduce your child to British school culture by sending a tutor out to prepare them before they arrive.

School admissions tutors are also available online.

What are the benefits of hiring a British tutor?

Personality is a huge factor when choosing which tutor to hire.

Many of our clients ask for tutors with certain qualities to best suit their children and families needs.

Our brand is positioned in such a way that we naturally attract some of the brightest and most dynamic candidates from across the UK.

A British tutor will be able to teach the National Curriculum as standard. Most will have excellent experience in the International Baccalaureate. They will have qualified from a top British university, making them some of the best candidates in the world. 

By hiring a British tutor from Minerva Tutors, you can be confident that they are thoroughly vetted, interviewed, and trained to motivate, encourage, and inspire your child to success, both inside the classroom and out. Read more about our international tutoring and homeschooling services here and about our range of international services including school search and school placement here.

What about Online Tuition?

All our international tutoring services are available online. Even with our residential placements, we often recommend families develop a relationship with their tutor via online video calls before they fly out to start their assignment. Many of our successful, ongoing international tutoring placements have begun this way. See our online tutoring and online homeschooling page

If you are unsure about online tuition and would like to know more about how it works, please see this guide.

Update for Coronavirus.

We are monitoring the situation day by day. For more information about how this may affect British tutors travelling to your country, please see the Foreign Office website. For all other Coronavirus-related concerns, call us, or visit our Coronavirus response page.

If you would like to discuss hiring an international tutor for your child or children, please get in touch with the International Desk on WhatsApp the team on +447947903950, send an email to hello@minervatutors.com, or fill out this enquiry form.

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