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Minerva also works with Councils and LEAs to help with their educational needs. We help pupils from all walks of life. Some have fallen out of the traditional system. Some have special educational needs or severe mental health issues. We focus on each child's needs, placing pupil wellbeing at the heart of everything we do.

  • Do you need a tutoring solution to ensure academic success for looked after children?
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  • Do you want to ensure the best education outcomes for each child?
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  • Do you have pupils with SEND who need better schooling?
  • Do you need a setting that can work with an EHCP?

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Case Study: Working with Looked After Children from an LEA in South England

The challenge for many Councils and Local Education Authorities (LEAs) is to provide adequate educational and emotional support for Looked After Children (LAC). In partnership with a council in the South of England, Minerva Tutors aimed to improve academic performance and engagement for these children, focusing on those transitioning from Year 9 to Year 10 and Year 10 to Year 11.

The Aim
  • Improve confidence in educational settings
  • Enhance engagement with education
  • Bolster academic performance in core subjects like English, Maths, Science, and electives such as Business and History

The Setup
  • Duration: Summer holidays, across two years
  • Hours: 15 hours of personalised one-to-one tuition for each student
  • Mode: Online
  • Personalisation: Tuition times were entirely tailored to suit each child's schedule
  • Target Groups: Year 9s transitioning to Year 10 and Year 10s preparing for their final year of GCSE

Key Innovations
  • One-to-One Approach: Considering the unique challenges faced by the Looked After Children, one-to-one sessions were identified as the most effective format.
  • Personal Matching: Each student was paired with a tutor based on shared hobbies, ensuring better engagement.
  • Feedback to Councils: We provided regular feedback to Virtual School leaders, equipping them with valuable information about the performance of their students under our tutelage.


Academic Improvement
Students exhibited significant academic growth in their core subjects. This improvement not only prepared them for their coming school year but also set a strong foundation for their GCSEs.

Enhanced Confidence & Engagement
The one-to-one approach, coupled with tutor-student matching based on hobbies, resulted in increased confidence and a higher level of engagement with education among the students.

"We were relieved that she managed to sit every exam despite her anxiety and your input was definitely helpful both academically and in building her confidence." - Carer

"Luke really enjoys his sessions with Minerva team, gaining confidence and improving in his ability in Science & Maths. Luke is hard working, wants to learn and engages very well with your tutors. He is especially fond of tutor Lian as she challenges him and sends him notes on the lessons." - Designated Adult

"Since starting they have, in my opinion, both been fully engaged during their sessions and both have told me they really like the tutors and enjoy the lessons." - Carer

"Alieu, my foster son, engaged well with Lian David, the tutor, and we have already asked Alex, his social worker, for tuition to continue. Lian reported he has focussed well and engaged. I asked for homework to be set, and amazingly it was all completed. Alieu believes his science knowledge has improved and will be reflected in his grades." - Carer

Feedback from Council
"It has been great to receive the feedback to date. All the information you have sent through has been so useful and valuable, I also appreciate the spreadsheets very much."

Minerva Tutors’ tailored program was a resounding success, meeting the council’s objectives of improving academic performance, confidence, and engagement among Looked After Children. The initiative illustrates the effectiveness of personalised, one-to-one online tuition in addressing the unique challenges faced by this vulnerable group.
For Councils or LEAs looking for a comprehensive educational solution for Looked After Children, Minerva Tutors provides an impactful and empathetic approach.

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