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Homeschooling abroad
Homeschooling tutor
"To be honest it's something that I wish we had done sooner."
Mark, GCSE Homeschooling Parent

Homeschooling. We make it happen.

Our unique, highly experienced homeschooling department helps families across the country and the world educate their children at home

  • Full academic tuition across all subjects & ages
  • World class academic & personal mentoring
  • Help with exam registration
  • Reports after every lesson
  • Timetabling & mock exams
  • Cultural excursions & a real personal touch

For the movers, the makers, the decided, the undecided, the future stars, and the stars just waiting to shine, Minerva’s homeschooling department creates stress free, awe-inspiring educations at home, wherever you are in the world.


Jennifer, Head of Minerva Tutors


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Welcome to Minerva Tutors. We provide trusted, high-quality homeschooling services for families in the UK and around the globe.

What we do.

We provide teams of expert, vetted Minerva tutors to educate pupils on a week by week, full or part-time basis, usually online or sometimes at the pupil's home.  In addition to this, we provide strategic academic guidance and bespoke timetables to work with your family's schedule.  We can also offer extra-curricular mentoring to ensure that each pupil receives the care and support needed to succeed.

All our homeschooling services are also available online.

Benefits of Homeschooling.

Homeschooling London.

We asked some of our London-based full time tutors – Emily, Alice and David – to tell us about the types of experiences they have encountered while homeschooling their pupils in the recent months.
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Our Tutors.

Every Minerva tutor is vetted, trained, and professional. They have been chosen for their inspirational character, motivational teaching ability, and confidence building skills.
“I have to say you really do have a great team of tutors and I’m really grateful to them all.”
Julia, GCSE Parent
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Meet your new Minerva tutor

Academic mentoring.

Homeschooling with Minerva is more than hiring a tutor.

In addition to providing you with a tutor team matched to your child's needs, we also provide strategic academic guidance, a bespoke timetable to suit your schedule, and we can also offer extra-curricular mentoring to ensure that every pupil receives the individual care and support that they need to succeed. 

Exam registration.

No need to worry about whether or not your child can take exams if they are homeschooled.  With Minerva, we are partnered with trusted private candidate exam centres and we can guide you through the exam registration, and your child will sit physical exams when the time comes.

With Minerva, it's possible to learn from any exam board, whether its AQA, Edexcel, OCR, or others, though this will depend on which subjects you wish to study. You can find more information about this at our Homeschooling Advice Centre.

Weekly reports.

Parents receive a weekly report from tutors in each subject, as well as termly reports so pupil progress can be monitored throughout the year. Reports measure our four key development metrics: motivation, confidence, academic ability and improvement. They are viewable on our purpose built parent portal, Temple.
Screenshot of report system
Laptop with portal access
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Cultural Excursions.

There are many, often unseen benefits of home education. For example, if your child an aspiring scientist, we can arrange for special lessons to take place in the Science Museum. Budding actor? We’ll book tickets for a matinee performance in the west end with one of our drama mentors. Typically, educational trips and life skills workshops are 4 hours long and can be added to your normal weekly programme, or used in half terms and holidays.

Recent successes.

“It’s not just about the grades, my son wasn’t in a good place before we started with Minerva and the change in him has been incredible. All of your tutors have been amazing. I really think that this experience has changed his life and set him up for the future!”
Vince, GCSE Homeschooling Parent
“Needless to say, we can’t thank Siobhan, Viv and Alice enough for this year and for being so brilliant at their job and so wonderfully understanding with our son. With him, it’s all about trusting the teacher and seeing the teacher’s passion and all three are truly excellent.”
Sharon, Year 9 Parent

Success Abroad.

“Thank you, Liliana is absolutely fabulous. We get on very well, she is a blessing for us. Liliana and Magalie are working very nicely together and I believe good progress is made. Lilian was very happy today and Magalie is motivated! Liliana is very dedicated and super hard working . We could not have asked for a better tutor for Magalie .”
Eva J, GCSE in Namibia.
“We were very pleased with Alex’s work while he was with us. He works hard and has high standards, and he gets on very well with Oliver. We are very satisfied with Alex’s work and very pleased with the decision to bring him to Singapore…We also see Alex as a good influence and role model for Oli and for Greg. “
Phoebe S, GCSE in Singapore

Success UK wide.

“I am really happy with how the children have progressed in this short period of time, I am very happy we found your company….we made the right choice.”
Kamilya N, KS2 in Ascot

What we offer.

All of our homeschooling packages are bespoke to your child and your family's circumstances.  We can offer part-time packages of 10-15 hours per week of tutoring or full-time packages of 15-30 hours per week.


1-on-1 academic mentoring (no tutoring)

Support Plus.

1-on-1 academic mentoring, 1hr/wk tutoring

10 - 15.

1-on-1 academic mentoring, 10-15hrs/wk tutoring


1-on-1 academic mentoring, 15-30hrs/wk tutoring, cultural excursions, university guidance, and more
For prices, see our pricing page.
Support packages are perfect if you wish to start homeschooling yourself but do not require the services of an experienced Minerva tutor. You will receive academic guidance, advice on what to teach, help with exam registration, but you will be delivering or organising the tuition yourself.
If you're thinking of starting D-I-Y homeschooling and want to know more about how it works, please head to our Homeschooling Advice Centre
If you're thinking of starting D-I-Y homeschooling and want to know more about how it works, please head to our Homeschooling Advice Centre
Support Plus packages are suitable if you wish to receive the same expert guidance as above but you would would like your child to benefit from additional light tutoring, perhaps in areas you are unable to teach, such as a new foreign language.
See what subjects we teach

10 - 15 packages are best if you require us to take care of the majority of your child's academic tuition. With Minerva, this will mean your child will receive a fantastic education. You will also receive full administrative and strategic support from our back office education staff, as above.

Our Bespoke services are our most comprehensive: we deliver a full-time programme of outstanding private tuition, take care of the administrative nitty gritty, organise inspiring cultural excursions to supplement your child's learning and personal development, provide university application guidance, and much more.

Looking for fun ways to inspire the kids at home? Check out Minerva Tutors TV, our free online TV channel providing awesome, educational lessons for kids aged 7-13
"...What impressed most was the level of individual tutor commitment combined with Minerva's organisational flexibility...we are very pleased and proud that he passed all 8 GCSEs, with far higher grades than were originally predicted and is now studying three A levels at a sixth form college of his choice."
Sarah M, GCSE Homeschooling Parent
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Every age, every subject.

If you are looking to educate your child with an academic programme that would replicate what they would learn at school, we recommend the following timetable for Primary Level, GCSE, and A Level :

GCSE & A Level

  • 25 hours 1-2-1 Tuition per week 2 hours study skills (organisation, setting goals, exam technique, revision technique)
  • 3 hour cultural excursion per week
  • Please note half hours and flexi packages can also be arranged (prices calculated by the hour)


While every homeschooling case requires individual attention, if you are looking for a full school replacement programme, we recommend the following timetable for GCSE and A Level :

  • 25 hours 1-2-1 Tuition per week 2 hours study skills (organisation, setting goals, exam technique, revision technique)
  • 3 hour cultural excursion per week
  • Please note half hours and flexi packages can also be arranged (prices calculated by the hour)
Did You Know? There are so many subjects we can teach that aren't usually available in traditional schools. E.g. Astronomy at A Level, Geology, or Law, not to mention dozens of unique foreign languages.
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