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Online Tutoring with Minerva Tutors.

Online Tutoring with Minerva Tutors.

"The flexibility of online tuition makes it an ideal resource ... I would absolutely recommend Minerva.”
Year 11 Online Tuition Parent


Welcome to Minerva Tutors, the Online Tutoring Experts. We provide trusted, safe online learning services for families in the UK and around the world. If you would like to know more about Minerva as an organisation, please visit our about section.

More and more parents are discovering the benefits of hiring a professional online tutor for their children, even if it's just an hour or two a week.

We work with the very best tutors, who can provide your child with exciting, in-depth and totally immersive online tutoring.

Is your child in Year 7 to 11?

If for whatever reason your child is not feeling confident or happy in their current learning environment, our tutors providing 121 support may be just what they're looking for....

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Our Tutors.

Every Minerva tutor is vetted, trained, and professional, and they've have been chosen for their inspirational character, motivational teaching ability, and confidence building skills.

We have tutors available online and in person.

Unlike other agencies, we take the time to get to know our tutors personally. Many of them receive most of their work through Minerva, as well as ongoing professional development and training

From a D to an A! The Benefits of Online Tuition

Some parents can be sceptical about the benefits of online tuition, compared to face-to-face sessions. At Minerva, we believe it is all about finding the right tutor and the right style of tutoring for the student. We had a chat with Jenny, who does a lot of online tuition, about her student, Ella, who went from getting a D in her biology and chemistry A-level mock exams to As in the real thing.

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Benefits of Online Tutoring.

Aside from benefiting from our outstanding tutors in the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world, there are many reasons why online tutoring can be successful.
You'll also find a lot of additional information about the advantages of online tutoring on our blog.
"Hi Scott, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how wonderful we think Tom is. Barnaby absolutely LOVES his lessons with him and my husband and I are so very impressed with how much effort and enthusiasm we can see and hear Tom putting in to it all. Barnaby’s time with Tom is the undeniable highlight of his week currently - and he comes out brimming with excitement and inspiration after each lesson. ...
Parent, Online Tuition 2020

How it works.

Our tutors use cutting edge online tutoring platforms with an interactive whiteboard. They can also record every session allowing pupils to replay what they’ve learnt over and over.

There are many online tutoring platforms in the marketplace. One of our favourites is Bramble. Here’s a video which explains a bit more about how online tutoring works, and why its so effective, for parents, pupils and tutors.

Online Tutoring with Minerva Tutors

Our team of online tutors are trained to provide a unique style of education to pupils aged 6-18. Our aim is to motivate and encourage our students to perform the best they can during one-to-one online sessions. We understand hiring a tutor can often mean a significant investment on behalf of the parent or guardian. As a result, we match our pupils with tutors who are able to have the biggest impact with the time they have. Enquire with us today or scroll down to find out why online tutoring works so well.

Why Choose Online Tutoring?

With the demand for online tutoring on the rise, we round up seven key reasons why pupils and parents are making the move online.

1. It’s more time practical

More often than not, the hardest thing about finding a tutor is not getting the ideal person, but finding the ideal time. Between parents having jobs and kids having busy after-school schedules and tutors having other commitments, finding that magical hour on a Tuesday evening when everyone is available can be tricky. It can be near-impossible for a tutor do more than two jobs per evening with travel taken into account, but online gives them far more time, and far greater availability. And because it’s more convenient for tutors, you will also have a wider range of brilliant candidates to choose from, and will usually find someone faster.

2. Regular Contact

Because our tutors have already been in contact with their students via online platforms, they are often in contact more regularly between sessions. Students benefit from this increased communication, as the tutoring can be more of a continuous dialogue than just a weekly one-hour session.

3. Greater flexibility

With online tutoring, it is much easier to account for last minute changes, having to bring a lesson back, or the tutor/student being suddenly unavailable. Without having to worry about travel or potential delays, it is usually much easier to rearrange.

4. Technology as a force for good

Our tutors have said that one of the best things about online tutoring is that it gives you more teaching options. The use of an online whiteboard and the possibility of sending files, gives them freedom to be more creative with their teaching – while still interacting face to face!

5. Perfect for independent minds

By GCSEs and A-levels, most students are organising their own time and activities. They require less parental intervention. Online tuition allows students to take ownership of their learning and work more independently. They can be in direct contact with the tutor and don't need to rely on everything being sorted out by a parent, which is usually a positive step.

6. It's cost effective

Due to the lack of travel time and costs for tutors, online tutoring is cheaper to run than face-to-face sessions.

7. Parent's are impressed

We’ve spoken to many parents who've opted for an online tutor for their kids. The response has been overwhelmingly positive:

‘I am very happy with the Arabic tutor, Nizar. He is excellent on so many levels. I also feel Omar’s progress. It is excellent to have this option of tutoring via Skype as I find it very effective and convenient.’ Parent, Year 5 pupil – online Arabic tuition

‘We’re very happy with Thomas.’ Parent, Year 11 pupil – online coding lessons

‘The one to one attention from Minerva’s Tutors has been an invaluable boost for my children. The flexibility of online tuition makes it an ideal resource that I would definitely use again. I would absolutely recommend Minerva.” Parent, Year 11 – another happy online tuition parent.

8. Further Reading

Here's a blog post from Bramble about the benefits of online tutoring

From Our Blog.


We can teach almost any subject online. For some of the most popular, see below.
Please see our online homeschooling page if you would like more information on larger tuition packages.

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Whether it's passing maths GCSE, studying History before university, or a few sessions a week to boost confidence and self esteem, online tuition with Minerva can make it happen.

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