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Private Tutoring & Homeschooling Tailored for Athletes

Elite athletes, whether they're karting prodigies, golf enthusiasts, racing aficionados, or tennis professionals, face a unique set of challenges. Balancing rigorous training and competition schedules with academic commitments requires a specialised educational approach. Minerva Tutors offers the perfect blend of private tutoring and comprehensive homeschooling solutions to support these dedicated young athletes.

1. Comprehensive Homeschooling for Athletes

Athletes often have demanding schedules, traveling for competitions or training intensively for upcoming events. Traditional schooling may not always align with their needs. This is where Minerva's full homeschooling package steps in:

  • Tailored Curriculum: Offering a curriculum tailored to the athlete's unique schedule, ensuring no compromises on their academic or athletic aspirations.
  • Flexible Modes of Delivery: Our tutors can travel with the athlete or deliver lessons online, and often it's a combination of both to ensure continuity in education.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Beyond just academics, our homeschooling approach focuses on holistic development, ensuring athletes are prepared for life beyond sports.

2. 1-to-1 Private Tutoring for Athletes

For athletes who attend traditional schools but often miss classes due to training or competitions, private tutoring offers the flexibility they need:

  • Bespoke Sessions: Our private tutoring sessions are designed to fill knowledge gaps or reinforce learning, ensuring athletes stay on track academically.
  • Flexible Scheduling: We understand the unpredictability of an athlete's schedule. Our tutors are available to deliver sessions at times that suit the athlete, be it after training sessions, during off-days, or even during travel.
  • Focused Learning: Our sessions are intensive and tailored, ensuring maximum knowledge absorption in a short time.

Why Choose Minerva for Athlete Education?

Minerva Tutors, with its stellar reputation in the education sector, understands the unique requirements of athletes. Our offerings ensure they can pursue their sporting dreams without sidelining their academic goals. Our blend of recognized expertise, personalized tutoring, and comprehensive homeschooling makes us the go-to choice for athletes and their families.

Founded in 2014, Minerva Tutors are the UK’s leading provider of private homeschooling and tutoring to children aged 5-18.

In 2020, Minerva Tutors launched Minerva’s Virtual Academy, a 100% online independent school for pupils aged 12-18.

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Pole Position in Racing and Education – Dion's Experience with Minerva Tutors

Finding the Right Balance – Dion's Journey with Minerva Tutors

Aspiring to be a Formula 1 racing driver while keeping up with school isn't easy. Dion, a young talent from India, knows this firsthand. Six years ago, his family set out to find an educational solution that would cater to Dion's unique needs and aspirations. Their search led them to Minerva Tutors. Here's how it unfolded.

Upholding Educational Standards in the UK

Minerva Tutors has established itself in the UK's education scene, with notable recognitions like a feature in the Good Schools Guide. This instilled the initial confidence for Dion's family to delve further into what Minerva had to offer.

A Tailored Academic Approach for Individual Needs

Traditional schools often overlook the specialized needs of young athletes like Dion. Minerva breaks from this mold by recognizing that each student is unique. Dr. Udi, Dion’s dedicated tutor, not only maintained academic rigor but also timed the lessons around Dion's racing commitments.

A Relationship That Goes Beyond Academics

Dr. Udi's influence extended beyond the classroom. He mentored Dion in softer skills like media training and how to present himself in public, serving as a role model. Udi's teaching in English also unearthed Dion's natural flair for writing. In his free time, Dion began crafting blogs as a means to focus his mindset and explore his newfound passion for writing.

The Significance of Flexibility in Modern Education

What sets Minerva apart for Dion was the academy’s flexible learning environment. This adaptability allowed him to passionately pursue his sporting dreams while staying abreast academically. Such flexibility is increasingly vital for students with specific talents and external commitments.

Focusing on the student-teacher partnership, accommodating individual needs, and broadening the scope to include softer skills, Minerva Tutors offers a comprehensive learning journey. For young talents like Dion, this educational model becomes a pathway to achieving excellence both on the track and in the classroom.

Meet our Elite Athlete Education Officers

Our Elite Athlete Education Officers specialize in crafting bespoke educational plans that align with the rigorous schedules of young athletes. With backgrounds in both academics and sports, they offer a unique understanding of how to balance high-level competition with educational excellence.


Fabian Spiess

  • 9-year professional and semi-professional football career
  • 1st Class MSc in Sports Business Management

"I'm the first to admit that at times throughout my career, I focussed more on the sport and gave less importance to the education - that only harmed my performances and mental wellbeing.

I love sport, but education is the key to growth. I want to help children reach their full potential with two of the things I value most in life."


Sol Rolls-Tyson

  • Championship--winning professional basketballer
  • Psychology Graduate from University of North Dakota

"Since the age of 8, I've been involved in sports. I gained a sports scholarship to university in the USA which led to a bachelors degree and full-time professional career as a basketball player.

I am passionate about GROWTH. I love helping athletes become the best version of themselves through education - they're not just athletes!"


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Case Study: Minerva Tutors Supports Olympic Hopeful Inès Guimond-Beetham

Rising Star with a Blend of Athletic and Academic Excellence
13-year-old Olympic hopeful Inès Guimond-Beetham is not just another promising athlete; she's a young dynamo, proving her mettle both in the pool and in her academics. Her achievements at the Middlesex County Championships, where she clinched eight golds in a range of events from the 50m butterfly to the 1,500m freestyle, stand testament to her athletic prowess. However, balancing such athletic commitment with education is no mean feat, and this is where Minerva Tutors steps in.

Bespoke Education: The Minerva Promise
Every child's educational journey is unique, more so for young talents like Inès. Recognising this, Minerva offers a wholly tailored educational experience, ensuring lessons are as individual as the students. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, learners can enjoy the benefits of personalized tutoring. Inès' journey with Minerva over the past year demonstrates this bespoke approach in action, reflecting the positive outcomes of such tailored attention.

Adaptable Learning for Unpredictable Times
Inès' commitment to swimming demanded a flexible academic schedule, a challenge that Minerva eagerly took up. Crafting a homeschooling timetable that dovetailed seamlessly with her rigorous swimming regimen, Minerva ensured that Inès never had to compromise on either front.

But the adaptability didn’t end there. When the pandemic prompted the Guimond-Beetham family to relocate to Canada, Inès' education remained uninterrupted. Thanks to Minerva’s robust online infrastructure and the dedication of her tutors, Eleanor and Diana, the shift to online tutoring was seamless. The continuity in her learning amidst global disruptions is a shining example of Minerva’s commitment to its students.

Inès' mother, Stephanie, encapsulates this sentiment perfectly, stating, "Inès is one of the few children whose schooling has been continuous during the pandemic. I certainly keep that thought to myself, but I imagine that all of your pupils are in the same wonderful situation!” She further expresses her gratitude to Eleanor and Diana, emphasizing how Inès is not only thriving academically but also truly relishing the learning experience.

Dedicated Team, Promising Future
At Minerva, it's not just about delivering lessons; it's about nurturing potential. Scott Viney, the head of private homeschooling at Minerva, articulates this ethos when speaking of Inès. Describing her as one of the "shining stars," he shares his excitement about her future, especially as she gears up for her GCSEs under Minerva's guidance.
Inès Guimond-Beetham's journey is an inspiring tale of a young athlete's drive and dedication, magnified by the unwavering support of Minerva Tutors. It underscores the importance of tailored education solutions, especially for students with unique commitments. With a blend of flexibility, personal attention, and a genuine investment in each student's future, Minerva proves that it's possible for young talents like Inès to excel in both their passions and academics.