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Minerva International provides educational services of the highest distinction to families across the globe. Our highly experienced department and award-winning team has helped 100's of children attain places at the UK’s most prestigious independent schools and universities. We also provide international tutors to live with you and teach your children, wherever you live.

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“The International Team at Minerva have been exceptional. I'm so glad we actually picked up the phone...
Parent, School Placement 2019


Welcome to Minerva International. We offer families living around the world advice on UK school choices, UK school placement, residential tuition at your home, independent pupil assessment, homeschooling, and outstanding online tuition.
We fly to you for long or short term residential tutoring placements
Finding the perfect British school for your child
Helping ambitious, talented musicians find places at top UK independent schools
Access the best British private tutors from anywhere in the world
Компания Minerva Tutors International предлагает семьям с самыми высокими требованиями по всему миру возможность устроить своих детей в лучшие школы Великобритании
“We could not have asked for a better tutor.”
Parent, Residential Tuition Review, 2018
Our award-winning team combines decades of experience in British Education at the UK’s best schools with a dedication to delivering the best customer service for our clients
Read about our success stories with tutoring, homeschooling and school placement with families from around the globe

Finding The Perfect British Independent School.

We give families from around the world the opportunity to send their children at the very best schools in the UK.
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Residential Tuition & Homeschooling.

We provide families with the world’s best residential private tutors, highly experienced in providing exceptional academic and emotional support for children preparing for entrance exams to British schools or pupils that require full homeschooling.
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Online Tutoring.

Access the best British private tutors from anywhere in the world. Experts in UK school entrance exams, including Pretests, 7 plus and 11 plus, as well as (I)GCSE, A level and IB. They use cutting-edge online learning platforms and interactive whiteboards to deliver inspirational online tutoring.
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Music coaching.

Minerva International provides a full range of support for your son or daughter if music is an important part of their life and they have ambitions to join their new school as a Music Scholar, whether at 11+, 13+ or 16+.

Our Team.

Hugh Viney – Director of Minerva International.

Classics scholar and tutor-turned-entrepreneur, Hugh Viney established Minerva Tutors International in 2014. Over the last six years, Hugh has led his organisation (and sister company: Minerva Tutors) to become the pre-eminent provider of elite tutors and international tutors within the UK and overseas.

Hugh deals with all Minerva's international clients and will be your first port of call. He and his colleagues are headquartered in London.

Barbara Armitage – Global Director of School Placement.

Barbara has worked in the UK education sector at Senior Management level for over 17 years and was Director of Development at Wycombe Abbey. In this role she spent much time liaising with families in South East Asia, and elsewhere in the world, establishing close relationships which enabled her to gain a deep understanding of what parents and children look for when considering a UK education.

As a Fellow of the Institute of Development Professionals In Education, she has an extensive knowledge of the UK’s leading schools which has been invaluable in her consultancy work, building strong relationships with those schools and with overseas families globally.

Her work in schools and her own experience as a parent and school governor have also given her a detailed insight into the journey students make throughout their time at school and then onto their chosen university.

She says, “Parents from overseas have great faith in a UK education when they send their children here. I have always regarded it as a great privilege to support them and help them to achieve their academic ambitions so I am delighted to be working with Minerva Tutors International who are leaders in their field”.

Lawrence Tubb – Director of Music and Arts.

Lawrence has worked in UK independent boarding schools for 16 years and was Director of Music at a leading private school from 2010-2019. He has auditioned and interviewed hundreds of music scholarship candidates over his 16 year teaching career and, maintaining close relationships with Directors of Music at most leading independent schools in the south of England, has a detailed understanding of how an applicant can give the best possible impression on the day and maximise their potential for success. While at Wycombe Abbey, Lawrence was part of the general school entrance interview team, assessing many international applicants at 11+, 13+ and 16+ entry levels. With this experience behind him, he has assessed and coached pupils from China and Hong Kong seeking to move to top UK boarding and day schools.

Susie West – Head of Assessment.

Susie has worked as a former Head of Department and Housemistress at Sherborne School, Deputy Head at Kensington Prep School, and for just over 13 years Head at St Christopher’s School, Hampstead. Susie has a lifetime’s worth of practical experience and has been featured discussing education on national television. She understands exactly what the UK’s leading Preparatory schools are looking for in their prospective applicants, using her expertise to head up our pupil assessment service. Outside of consulting for Minerva International, Susie trains our tutors, is an Isi inspector, an accredited appraiser and personal mentor.

Alistair Bartholomew – Education Consultant.

Alister Bartholomew has 40+ years of experience in education during which he has served in a variety of senior roles in some of the UK’s most prestigious schools.

For the last 14 years his career has taken him into the world of strategic development both within the UK and in the world of international education, leading projects to establish branded school partnerships, expanding School Group operations and establishing university department links abroad.

This includes serving as CEO, COO, Director of Education, Headmaster and Chairman of Governors for the Haileybury brand in Central Asia and the GEMS, Dulwich and Tenby Groups in China, Singapore, Malaysia and in other countries in S.E Asia (ASEAN).

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