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Welcome to Minerva Tutors. We're the UK’s leading supplier of private tutors to families living around the world. Hiring a Minerva British Tutor to come and live with you will give your child the best chance at all-round success for the future.

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We are back to normal - sending tutors on international placements around the world, depending on official country guidelines. Please get in touch to find out more.

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We offer world class holiday tutors, British tutors, tutors for the summer, homeschooling tutors, mentors, independent academic assessors, Oxbridge coaches, boarding school preparation tutors, and much more.

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Welcome to Minerva Tutors. We provide award winning British tutoring for families living around the world.

If you would like to hire a British tutor to help your child at any stage of their education, we are able to help.

Let’s say you are living outside of the UK and your children attend a regular school. You may want to hire a tutor to help with the following:

  • foreign language tuition
  • tuition for subjects not taught at school (e.g arts or music)
  • homework help
  • special educational needs support
  • general academic supervision / mentoring
  • exam preparation

In this case, a tutor from Minerva Tutors in the UK would work with your children 2 to 4 hours a day, in the evenings, after school, and on weekends, taking charge of all academic instruction and supervision.

Either, the tutor would fly out to live with your family on a typical contract of 6 months to 1 year, though this can vary. Or the tutor would remain in the UK and teach your children online.

Our residential placements do come at a premium. However, by hiring a tutor from Minerva Tutors to live with your family the impact on your children’s education will be second to none.

Our online services typically provide solutions for the short term — i.e. a revision course over a school holiday — and are more cost effective.

A large source of our enquiries come from families who have relocated to a new country and are looking for a tutor to improve their children’s language skills, and/or easing them into an unfamiliar curriculum.

We also work with British expatriate families who are temporarily living abroad, and who wish to keep their children up to date with the National Curriculum.

Our Tutors.

All our British tutors are graduates of Oxford, Cambridge or Ivy League Universities. In some cases they are specialists from other top 20 global institutions. They have over 2000 hours of tutoring experience and have worked with VIP and UHNW families previously. Prospective tutors undergo an extremely thorough interview process before being accepted onto our team. Polite, discreet, and exceptionally talented, our tutors deliver outstanding results. They are a cut above the rest.

"The one to one attention from Minerva’s Tutors has been an invaluable boost for my children...
Parent, Online Tuition 2018

There are many reasons why you may want to hire a British Tutor. You may be relocating to live in the UK and wish to familiarise your child with British culture before they arrive. You may be living abroad but choosing to homeschool your children in the British education system. Whatever scenario, we've got it covered. And we specialise in the following:

  • 7+, 11+, 11+ pre test, 13+
  • Scholarships to Eton, Westminster & Winchester
  • A Level, GCSE
  • UCAS applications
  • International Baccalaureate,
  • MYP
  • iGCSE
  • SATs
  • UKiset - read our blog
  • Ivy League preparation
  • Oxbridge preparation
“"Thank you SO much, Alexander was absolutely fantastic...
Parent, Tutor Review 2019

Case Studies.

Rome 2017. An Italian family based at the International school in Rome wanted to send their son to Oundle, a fantastic Independent school in Northamptonshire, UK. His English wasn’t up to the standard expected at the school for entrance at 13+ so they hired a Minerva Tutor to live with them for 6 months. Through classic EFL techniques as well as instilling a love for English literature the tutor was able to have a huge impact on the pupils written and communicative English. That, coupled with some work on 13+ maths and reasoning skills, as well as exam technique, ensured the pupil vastly improved in a short space of time. Result: a place at Oundle.

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British Homeschooling.

Our British homeschooling plans are devised in partnership with Minerva Tutors, the tutor(s), and the host family. Our strength is our innovation and our expertise: we aim to create stunning education experiences to shape and nurture the minds of tomorrow.

A traditional school education is not always desired, nor is it the only option.

Homeschooling is extremely flexible and rewarding, providing an inspiring alternative to standardised and often outdated models of education.

Individual learning plans focus on the wishes of the host family in unison with the pupil’s needs and abilities. The one-to-one attention given by an international tutor, or a group of tutors, may produce outstanding results in a pupil. Confidence, emotional intelligence, personal maturity, and academic brilliance are some of the key areas we develop. Pupils come to understand their subject matter deeply, benefit from unlimited support, and may explore areas of learning that traditional schools cannot.

“We think Alice is just fantastic and everything is going so well...
Parent, Tutor Review 2018

After School Tutoring.

Enlisting an after-school tutor to compliment a child’s schooling is becoming more and more popular with international parents.

At Minerva Tutors International, we work with families to provide the best after-school timetabling solution, whether that be preparation for entrance exams to top UK Independent Schools, coaching for Oxbridge and Ivy League admissions, curricula and homework support, or even creating a cultural development programme outside of academics.

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