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"Amazing feedback from my son. They hit it off, I believe."
Kanya F, 13 Plus Scholarship Parent
It's no surprise a good, successful 13 plus scholarship tutor is one of the most highly sought after tutors in the country. The test is one of the most rigorous and demanding testing processes around. We make it our business to be experts in the Common Academic Scholarship of the ISEB as well as unique scholarship papers such as the Kings Scholarship at Eton and ‘The Challenge’ at Westminster. Our specialist 13 Plus Scholarship tutors have successfully prepared pupils for scholarships to Winchester, Westminster, Eton, Harrow, Uppingham, Oundle, Downe House and Cheltenham Ladies. They have an expert knowledge of what is required for these particularly difficult and highly competitive exams.

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The 13 Plus Scholarship - Our Tuition.

Our scholarship training programme comprises in depth, one to one coaching sessions between an expert Minerva 13 Plus scholarship tutor and the candidate, usually at the candidates home after school hours. Depending on specific school demands, a bespoke timetable will be drawn up, and the following areas are an example of what will be covered.

  • Exam & revision technique
  • Interview training (mock interviews, feedback and coaching)
  • School specific mock papers (our tutors have access to a vast archive of up to date scholarship papers)
  • English
  • Maths
  • Latin
  • Ancient Greek
  • History
  • Geography
  • Religious Studies
  • French
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As above, we can provide a confidential, independent assessment of your child's ability in English, Maths, Verbal and non Verbal reasoning, plus help with interview confidence for Pre tests, 7, 8 and 11 Plus.

For 13 Plus and 13 Plus Scholarship our assessors also cover science, history, modern and ancient languages. Our school search team can also provide advice on school choices and the admissions process.

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In Depth - Case Studies.

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In early 2017, Minerva Tutors was approached by a family based in South London to coach their son for the Westminster Challenge exams in the summer. Based on the candidates school reports and performance, his prospects were good. However he didn’t feel confident about what the exams would entail, and how he would have to present himself for the interviews. We sent in James, a top 13 Plus Scholarship Tutor, who was immediately able to demystify the whole process and make the family feel more comfortable and relaxed with the task at hand.

“James was great yesterday – got Alex feeling relaxed- won’t go so far as to say looking forward to it exactly but not dreading it.”

After James’ initial assessment of Alex, he produced a report for both the parents and the education support staff back at Minerva HQ. From here, we put together a tutoring timetable, focusing on the areas Alex needed help with. A total of three tutors worked with Alex over a three month period, focusing on bringing up his mathematics skills as well as coaching him through many mock interview sessions.

“All your tutors have been great. Alex had really grown in knowledge and confidence so whatever the outcome we are really proud of him. He is enjoying learning so much more than a year ago.”

During the whole process, we kept the family updated with Alex’s progress over the phone and through our online reporting platform, Temple, which was able to track Alex’s improvement and confidence levels over the duration of the tutoring period.

Samantha, our lead Client Manager, worked closely with James and the tutors to ensure progress was being made, and updated the clients weekly to make sure they were satisfied with Alex’s progress and the service provided by Minerva Tutors.

“And thank you to [Samantha] personally for keeping it all together – it has been very much appreciated.”

After wishing Alex the best of lunch, he took the exams in May. Whatever the outcome, we wish him every success in the future.

"Thanks for today. Good to hear Alex laughing - French hasn’t always been enjoyable for him."
Claire, Westminster Challenge Parent
"All going very well - Ben is excellent and has a fantastic manner and approach- calm, entirely positive, encouraging and really draws out students' own ideas and thoughts. Our son (13+ Scholarship/Westminster Challenge), after just a few sessions, is already full of enthusiasm and new ideas. He has learned a huge amount and gained immensely in confidence - and is starting to think and discuss ideas much more critically. Happy for you to share this with Ben and I will also feedback directly to him. Also very pleased with the Temple feedback system - great for the kids to see their progress as well. Tutoring has really added to and brought something very different to school."
Westiminster Challenge Scholarship Parent
If you would like to arrange expert tuition, an academic assessment of your child, or book a one-on-one consultancy about the 13 Plus Scholarship, please get in touch with our team on + 44 (0) 208 819 3276 or visit our contact page.