Tutor Training.

Unique tutor training programme for school and university leavers from Minerva Tutors

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“Can I take the opportunity to thank you for all your help and support - tutoring with Minerva has been really pivotal in my decision to go into teaching and definitely helped a lot with my application, as well as being a really enjoyable experience!
Catherine, Tutor Training, June 2020

Learn to think, learn to tutor.

Our unique tutor training programme for school & university leavers teaches critical skills for a life in education or the wider world

Minerva Tutors
  • 2/3 week self-study training courses in Easter & Summer 2021
  • Trainees take theory modules and undergo live training
  • Trainees join real tutoring sessons with our professional tutors
  • Learn new skills and gain invaluable CV experience
  • Work from anywhere in the world by learning online
  • Earn from £15/hour once the training is complete

Top training, real experts.

Here's a snippet of the modules we offer on the training course - taught by professional tutors with 1000s hours worth of experience

Tutoring 101

The essentials.

Gain essential know-how necessary for every tutor to provide excellent sessions, covering lesson structuring/pacing, differing learning styles and fundamental Do’s and Don’ts.

Theories of Intelligence

A deep dive into critical teaching theory regarding the myriad different ways that intelligence can manifest itself in individuals. Learn how to capitalise on your student’s innate intelligence, while honing their areas for improvement.


Struggling to make headway with a deflated student? This module unpacks the science and psychology of motivation, ensuring that your lessons are structured and delivered in a manner that will engage even the most de-motivated of students.

The British Schools System

With clients expecting you to know the lay of the educational landscape inside and out, this module is designed to equip you with a comprehensive knowledge of the British schools system. Resources Free your lessons from the tyranny of the textbook by getting to grips with the most effective educational resources tried and tested by tutors. This module discusses the effective utilising of a wide range of resources to maximise lesson productivity.

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Join our team, make an impact.

Your child will train under their future colleagues, hand-picked for their character, emotional intelligence, and confidence-building ability

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Highly trained

Safe & Vetted


Role Models

It's simple. We help kids succeed

Even if it's just a summer of work, your child will be making a real difference to the lives of others.

“Confidence has flourished …
“It's been revelatory…
“Eye opening …
"Storming ahead now...
“HUGELY impressed …
"Incredibly happy...
"A lot of fun...
"Betty is also a wonderful role model..."
"Loving being challenged by the work...
"Temple is fabulous...
"An invaluable boost...
"Thrilled with Jack...
"I've been really impressed...
"Super friendly, professional and supportive team...
"Scott is an absolute star...
"Siobhan is just brilliant...
"Thank you so much for setting up this life-saving company."
Jade H, Guardian, 11 Plus
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