Why Coding Is the Future for Young People

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Grades, university degrees, interview skills, CV strength and personality will all help in your children’s future job hunt. But if they learn coding, you can stop worrying about everything else.   It is hard to overstate quite how important coding is becoming these days. In past blogs, we have already interviewed our expert coding tutor, Thomas Magnitis, discussed some of … Read More

Education News Weekly – 22nd May, 2017

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Voter registration, the magic of rosemary and what the party manifestoes mean for education.   Election News Conservative The Guardian reports that Theresa May’s pledge to end free school lunches for infants will predominantly impact the ‘ordinary, hard-working families’ she has promised to help. It could affect as many as 900,000 children from struggling families, costing them an additional c.£440 a … Read More

Mental Health: What Can Schools Do to Help Students Cope?

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Following on from last week’s interview discussing how parents can help struggling teenagers, here is Part 2 of our interview with mental health expert Cami Moorjani. Cami has many years experience working in mental health as both a coach and counsellor to people of all ages, and across the whole mental health spectrum. This time, we talked about how schools … Read More

Identifying Mental Health Issues in Young People

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Mental health is one of the biggest issues facing young people today. But how can you tell if your child might be in need of help?   A recent poll by The Prince’s Trust reveals that young people are struggling more than ever with happiness, confidence and the ability to focus. At the same time, university students are seeking more … Read More

Education News Weekly – 27th January, 2017

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Compulsory sex education, voluntary grammar school funding and the plight of young people in 2017.   Grammar schools may have to ask parents for funding – BBC The funding crisis in British education has now got to such a critical point that Grammar schools may need to ask parents for voluntary funding, to the tune of £40 a month. While not … Read More