Lesson 2: Make Your Own Liquid Armour

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Non-Newtonian fluids, how to make your own liquid armour or indestructible gloop from the comfort of your home and with every day items. Equipment Corn starch, about ¼ cup or 60cm3 Water, about ¼ cup of 60cm3 A bowl for mixing Newspaper Kitchen roll or something to wipe your hands with Method This is how you make your own liquid … Read More

How To Make A Lava Lamp & Other Inspiring Science Experiments To Try At Home During Lockdown

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Lock down science experiments to do at home

Inspire young minds with these Lockdown home science experiments to try in your kitchen or garden. Lava lamps, cabbage acid and alkali tests, astrology and more. Sir Isaac Newton was driven by the belief that the path to knowledge lies in making observations rather than just reading books. He was also famous for trying science experiments at home in his kitchen… … Read More