Education News Weekly – 27th September, 2017

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A new mental health initiative, Labour’s National Education Service and why teachers are now having to pay to stock their classrooms…   Education funding crisis – Tes, BBC, Guardian The long-running education funding crisis has shown no sign of abating, with recent research revealing that one third (over 9,400) of state schools are now operating with a cash deficit. A … Read More

How mindfulness meditation can improve your school life

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In the last few weeks, we’ve already spoken about the relationship between physical and mental health, and how parents and students can reduce anxiety around the stressful exam period. Virtually every school or research project that has trialled meditation/mindfulness as either a learning aid or an alternative to punishment has reported success. What is mindfulness? To borrow Jon Kabat-Zinn’s definition … Read More

Education News Weekly – 23rd April, 2017

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General election pledges, the dangers of screen time and surprisingly happy teenagers   Labour focused on education in upcoming general election – BBC Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has put education at the centre of his campaign for the snap general election. Corbyn described education as being in crisis, specifically highlighting the Tories’ recent record on school budget cuts and growing … Read More

Education News Weekly – 16th April, 2017

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Teacher discrimination, toddler mental health and why timetabling could be the key to school success.   Mental illness affecting children as young as four – BBC The NASUWT teaching union highlighted the problems with mental health among young people, reporting symptoms in pupils as young as 4. Virtually every single one of 2,000 respondents said they’ve encountered pupils with mental … Read More

Education News Weekly – 26th March, 2017

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Red Nose Day, digital literacy and the problem with behaviour in schools   Poor behaviour in English schools not taken seriously – BBC Education advisor Tom Bennett this week said that more should be done to deal with bad behaviour at schools, which he believes has not been taken seriously enough, and is underestimated in Ofsted data. Bennett’s report, Creating … Read More

Mental Health: What Can Schools Do to Help Students Cope?

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Following on from last week’s interview discussing how parents can help struggling teenagers, here is Part 2 of our interview with mental health expert Cami Moorjani. Cami has many years experience working in mental health as both a coach and counsellor to people of all ages, and across the whole mental health spectrum. This time, we talked about how schools … Read More

Education News Weekly – 22nd February 2017

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Extra time in exams, the worrying mental health of British millennials and a toy doll that could be used to spy on children   British millennials have second worst mental health in the world – Independent A wide-reaching survey commissioned by the Varkey Foundation, involving 21,000 young people (aged 15-21) from 20 countries, found Brits had the second worst mental health … Read More