Global Trends in Tutoring: What We Can Learn from Models Around the World

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In an increasingly interconnected world, education is no longer confined by geographical boundaries. Tutoring, as a supplementary educational resource, has seen remarkable growth globally. Different countries have developed unique tutoring models, each tailored to meet their specific educational needs and cultural contexts. By examining these global trends, we can glean valuable insights to enhance tutoring practices in the UK. The … Read More

What can we expect from new Education ministers?

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New year, new cabinet… Justine Greening’s out as education secretary, Jo Johnson’s been ‘demoted’ from his position as Universities minister, and there’s a new Office for Students (which, thankfully, will not include Toby Young). So what does it all mean for schools and universities? Well, Justine Greening quit her role in the government, refusing a job as work and pensions … Read More

Education News Weekly – 21st December, 2017

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LGBTQ+ issues on the school curriculum, Sesame Street helping Syrian refugees and an alternative Christmas message from the children survivors of Grenfell.   Grenfell survivor children to give alternative Christmas message – BBC Five children who survived the Grenfell Tower fire will deliver this year’s alternative Christmas message. The message, broadcast on Channel 4 on Christmas Day, will urge people … Read More

Education News Weekly – 13th December, 2017

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Two-year degrees, the danger of energy drinks and, of course, a national failure to deal with snow…   Schools close due to snow (obviously) – Telegraph As some reading this will surely know, many, many schools have been closed recently due to the snow. Over 2700 schools were closed on Monday – including all council-run schools in Birmingham – with … Read More

Education News Weekly – 24th November, 2017

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Tory childcare blunders, a glitter freeze at nurseries and… Is Mein Kampf back on the curriculum?   Government failing families on childcare – Independent The cost of childcare for young children has risen more than four times faster than wages since 2008, research shows. New analysis published by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) reveals that in England the average wages … Read More

Education News Weekly – 7th November, 2017

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CCTV in school toilets, a comedian advocating teachers and some good ol’ fashioned Ofsted-bashing   Time to put Ofsted in ‘special measures’? – TES Ofsted has come under attack this week, with a leading education academic claiming the regulatory board’s methods are “invalid, unreliable and unjust.” Frank Coffield, emeritus professor of education at the UCL Institute of Education, was scathing … Read More

How unfair is the university admissions process?

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Suffice to say, the answer goes far beyond just Oxbridge… We have probably by now seen all seen the recent – and damning – statistics about Oxbridge admissions, and how significant ethnic, class and geographical factors can be. If you haven’t, you can see them here. Such is the difference in chances of receiving a place at one of Britain’s … Read More

Education News Weekly – 24th October, 2017

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Alarm clocks, term-time holidays and a shocking lack of diversity at Oxbridge…   MP David Lammy criticises Oxbridge lack of diversity – BBC The former education secretary was dismayed at data released after a Freedom of Information request about admissions statistics for Britain’s top two universities, amid news that as many as 16 Oxbridge colleges failed to offer any places … Read More

Education News Weekly – 11th October, 2017

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Robot teachers, a backlash against social media and the vital importance of parental involvement…   Parental involvement ‘more important’ than schooling for child’s success – Independent Research from North Carolina State University, Brigham Young University, and the University of California, Irvine finds that parental involvement is a more significant factor in a child’s academic success than the qualities of the … Read More

Education News Weekly – 27th September, 2017

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A new mental health initiative, Labour’s National Education Service and why teachers are now having to pay to stock their classrooms…   Education funding crisis – Tes, BBC, Guardian The long-running education funding crisis has shown no sign of abating, with recent research revealing that one third (over 9,400) of state schools are now operating with a cash deficit. A … Read More