Why Coding Is the Future for Young People

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Grades, university degrees, interview skills, CV strength and personality will all help in your children’s future job hunt. But if they learn coding, you can stop worrying about everything else.   It is hard to overstate quite how important coding is becoming these days. In past blogs, we have already interviewed our expert coding tutor, Thomas Magnitis, discussed some of … Read More

5 Programming Languages to Help Kids Learn Coding

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There’s a huge number of different programming languages around that can be used to learn coding. However, many of these are fairly complicated, requiring tricky syntax or appearing to be overly mathematical. Something that intimidating could easily put a child off trying to learn coding, so we’ve collated some of the best programming languages to get kids started with, that … Read More

Why Now Is the Time to Learn Coding

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In 2016, the influence of computer technology could not have been more significant. From social media bots and the epidemic of fake news to Virtual Reality and driverless cars, technology has never been more integral to how we live. What is at the base of all of this? Coding. Working with a coding tutor opens up an enormous number of doors, and … Read More

Interview With Thomas – Our Expert Coding Tutor

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Thomas with Ghaith, one of our coding students   Hey Thomas, first things first – what exactly is coding, and what can it be used for? Simplified, coding is the instructions given on computers in the form of symbols and letters in order to perform a particular task. All of the electronic systems surrounding us are programmed to function using … Read More