Education for Young Sports Stars at Minerva.

Whether you’re a young individual in sport or a representative of a large sports club or organisation, we have the educational know-how and experience to help you succeed academically.
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"To be honest it's something that I wish we had done sooner."
Mark, GCSE Homeschooling Parent
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Athletes. We help you win.

Being a world class young athlete with Minerva means achieving superb results at GCSE and A Level, thriving at your sport, and enjoying your future for years to come.

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  • Full academic tuition across all subjects & ages
  • World class academic & personal mentoring
  • Tailored for sports stars & training schedules
  • Reports, Timetabling, Mock Exams
  • 100% Online School for Young Athletes
  • Provisions to suit every young athlete

For the movers, the makers, the decided, the undecided, the future stars, and the stars just waiting to shine, Minerva’s private education solutions mean you'll never have to miss another training session again.

Testimonial from Veronika, parent of Jakub, who studies at our online school Minerva's Virtual Academy, to allow him to spend more time training at the Marcet Football Academy in Barcelona.

"The main reason we started to look for an online school is that our son decided to go to Barcelona where he lives in a dormitory at the Marcet Football Academy. He is a passionate athlete and he was frustrated because he could not play any team games and do any sport during this lockdown period. As he has training every day in the morning and then at 2:30 in the afternoon it is very difficult for him to find a school so that he can continue with the British curriculum. Regular schools are not flexible and online school offered him an education at a high level as well as continuance with Padel, squash and ice hockey all of which he hopes he can continue at a professional level.'."
Jakub's mother, Minerva's Virtual Academy School

Testimonial from Stephanie, parent of Ines, a 13 year old Olympic Swimming Prodigy, who is currently homeschooled full time through Minerva Tutors.

"I keep thinking that Inès is one of the few children whose schooling has been continuous during the pandemic. I certainly keep that thought to myself but I imagine that all of your pupils are in the same wonderful situation! So a huge thank you as Eleanor and Diana have been absolutely amazing. Inès is eager to please them and she is thriving, really enjoying learning with them."
Stephanie, Minerva Tutors parent
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Whether it's a full school replacement package aimed at focusing on your training, or if you just need help with some maths after school, we'll make it happen.

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