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Our expert team can place your child at the UK's top boarding schools and independent schools. If you're coming to the UK from abroad, please see our school placement pages in our International department.
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Due to growing demand, we founded our School Search department to provide accurate pupil assessment and to help you find the most suitable school for your child. With many options out there, and with complicated admissions processes, Minerva School Search aims to help you make the right decision at every stage. Our expert consultants are here to provide you with affordable, honest advice.

Academic Assessment.

In order to ascertain how your child is suited for various schools, we perform an independent academic assessment, run by our expert, esperienced assessment team.

The assessment comprises a written and verbal assessment, which your child will complete, and will be followed up by a full written report.

The assessment takes 1.5-2 hours and covers all aspects required for the 7 Plus, 8 Plus, 11 Plus and Pre Test.

School Search.

Parental Consultation and report:

The School search consultation usually takes place immediately after the assessment. The consultants have a discussion with parents and use their expertise to recommend appropriate schools based on the parents expectations and the results of the assessment. A written report is also produced.

Our Head of Assessment and School Search, Susie.

Susie has worked as a former Head of Department and Housemistress at Sherborne School, Deputy Head at Kensington Prep School, and for just over 13 years Head at St Christopher’s School, Hampstead. Susie has a lifetime’s worth of practical experience and has been featured discussing education on national television. She understands exactly what the UK’s leading Preparatory schools are looking for in their prospective applicants, using her expertise to head up our pupil assessment service. Outside of consulting for Minerva International, Susie trains our tutors, is an Isi inspector, an accredited appraiser and personal mentor.

If you would like to get in touch with Susie, please use our contact form and follow the instructions to enquire about school search or assessment, or call the office on +44 (0) 208 819 3276.

Interview Practice.

Increasingly schools are using the interview (even for children as young as 6!) as the most important part of the application process. And no wonder! In theory it’s un-tutorable, proividing a level playing field, and allows the schools to judge if the applicant’s character is the right fit. Our school search page provides more information on how we provide support for pupils in their interview preparation.


If appropriate, Minerva will put together a tutoring plan, informed by the detailed assessment report. For more information on our tutoring services, click here.
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