The Minerva Pro Tutor Accelerator.

Perfect for teachers who are looking to move into tutoring, or graduates with no experience who want to get started on a flexible career in education.


Calling all university graduates, teachers, and career changers...

Minerva Tutors, the UKs leading provider of private homeschooling and tutoring services for children aged 5-18, is now hiring candidates with no or little prior experience in tutoring to enter the Minerva Pro Tutor Accelerator. Come help us meet the rising worldwide demand for in-person and online tuition!

By becoming a private tutor, you’ll be making a real difference to people’s lives, you’ll earn good money, and you’ll be able to lead a free and independent lifestyle. 

Most people don’t know it can be a career, too! 

Join our unique Pro Tutor Accelerator and we’ll show you how this is not only possible but financially advantageous and extremely rewarding.


We’re recruiting the next generation of Pro Tutor

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The Minerva Pro Tutor Accelerator

We’ll provide everything you need to become a skilled and inspirational private tutor.

On joining, you’ll be assigned a mentor, one of our Pro Tutors with 1000s hours worth of experience, who will provide you with structured mentoring and feedback over the course of your first 6 months.

On top of this, over 6 months, you will receive certified training in the following Minerva modules: 

  • Module 1: Basic introduction to tutoring
  • Module 2: Theories of intelligence and cognition
  • Module 3: How to motivate and build confidence
  • Module 4: Overview of the UK school system and where to find the best resources
  • Module 5: 7 / 8 +
  • Module 6: 11+
  • Module 7: 13+ and Pre Tests
  • Module 8: Online tutoring best practices
  • Module 9: Safeguarding
  • Module 10: Mental health

Alongside this, you’ll be sitting in on live tutoring lessons with your mentor, watching and learning from the best as they tutor their homeschooling, after school, and international pupils.

You could find yourself becoming an expert in entrance exam tuition, or metamorphosing into a fast-talking coding tutor even if you’ve never even coded before.

We’ll train you how to teach, how to motivate your students using expert psychological techniques, giving you the tools to deliver knockout lessons.


  • Free tutor training to turn you into a Pro 🚀
  • See under the hood of one the UK’s best-loved education companies 🔦
  • Become a part of the team - weekly catch ups and awesome socials 🎉
  • Opportunities to "tutor and travel" around the world ✈️
  • Personal and organisational support from the Minerva Tutors team ❤️ 
  • Increase your hourly rate as you grow within the company 💸
  • Monthly tutor breakfasts (in person or online) 🥐
  • Access to invaluable lesson plans & resources - everything you need to start tutoring 📖 


The Pro Tutor Accelerator will be a fully remote programme. You can learn to become one of the country’s top tutors from anywhere in the world but we welcome in-person tutors too!

Who should apply?

We’re looking for:

  • recent university leavers
  • current university students looking for part time work
  • career changers 

You do not have to have any tutoring experience. In fact, we look favourably on applicants who’ve never taught before but can demonstrate that something special - the spark and joy for life that sets Minerva’s tutors apart from the rest.


Tutors enter the programme on a freelance basis. 

There is no contractual guarantee of work. However, it is our job to find tutoring work for you, to improve your skills and experience so you can attract more work, and we’ll support you every step of the way to make this happen.

You'll become a Pro Tutor within 12 to 24 months, with incremental wage increases, depending on the amount of clients you attain, modules you complete, and positive feedback from pupils and mentors.

Year 1

  • 6 to 12 Minerva Training Modules
  • Support and development on the Accelerator programme 
  • 1-6 months - £25/hour
  • 6-12 months - £30/hour

Year 2 

  • Junior Pro Tutor Status
  • Up to £35/hour for new clients
  • Estimated 50 to 60 tutoring hours a month

Year 3 

  • Senior Pro Tutor Status
  • Estimated 70 to 80 tutoring hours a month
  • Set your own rates

How to Apply

If you’d like to apply for the Pro Tutor Accelerator, please head straight down to the video application process below.

No CV’s at this stage, just tell us what you’ve been up to recently, and why tutoring with Minerva appeals.

We are expecting a lot of applications so we may not be able to get back to those who aren’t successful, but we’ll try our best!

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