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"Minerva was the third agency we looked at, and hit the nail on the head for me.”
Ellara C, 7+ Parent

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Why Minerva?

A quick summary of why we're different...

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Sitting the rarer 8 Plus exams can seem a daunting prospect for both parent and child. Finding a great 8 Plus tutor, with the relevant experience, is tough, especially when there are so many unproven tutors on the market.

We provide the whole solution – professional tutors, trained, reliable, and experienced in the 8 Plus, who can provide tailored tutoring sessions to ensure your child achieves a place at their chosen school.

We can cover any school or entry system, recently achieving successful applications to Westminster Under School, Kings College Juniors and City of London Girls.

If you'd like to learn more about Minerva Tutors and why we're different, head to our about section.

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8 Plus Tutor - Our Tuition.

Our dedicated team of trained and experienced tutors are well prepared to instruct pupils on the requirements of the 8 Plus. This age group requires a kind and compassionate tutor to maximise results. We prioritise maintaining the child’s happiness throughout the learning process whilst always focusing on the end result – school entrance.



Timetables, meaning of numbers, use of coins, time, measurement, length and weight.


Fluent reading, writing structure, descriptive recounting of stories.

Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning

Repeated paper practise, time management, regular assessment.


First Steps

We start by assessing a pupil’s academic ability and their character.

Written Report

We compile an effective tuition strategy matched to your target school or objective.


We visit your home after school hours and begin the tuition process.

School Advice


Meet for a one on one consultation with one of our schools experts. where you discuss the results of the assessment plus the needs of the pupil and parents.


Our consultant then provides a detailed report including the most suitable schools or tuition plan where appropriate.

If you would like to arrange any of the above, or a one-on-one consultancy session, please get in touch with our consultancy team on + 44 (0) 208 819 3276 or visit our contact page.

Assessment & School Search.

As above, we can provide a confidential, independent assessment of your child's ability in English, Maths, Verbal and non Verbal reasoning, plus help with interview confidence for Pre tests, 7, 8 and 11 Plus.

For 13 Plus and 13 Plus Scholarship our assessors also cover science, history, modern and ancient languages. Our school search team can also provide advice on school choices and the admissions process.

Would you like your child's academic skills assessed by our independent experts?

Would you like assistance finding and achieving a place at certain schools? 

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The 8 Plus - In Depth.

Coming soon!

In the meantime, head over to the 7 Plus page to read our headteacher's guide for what schools are looking for in entrance exam applicants.

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