Reviews & Testimonials.

Reviews & Testimonials.

With so many agencies and websites offering identical services, finding the right tutor, or the right agency, can be difficult. Instead of employing 1000’s of tutors and publishing them on our website, we do the opposite – working with a select group of inspirational, professional tutors who we think really stand out from the crowd. Most of our tutors are based in London, but tutor online and in person around the world. This page is designed to showcase the brilliant work they do. We also recommend reading the impartial review from the Good Schools Guide, which was compiled in December 2017 and updated in 2022.

"After having scholars who wanted A Level provision, we needed to find a flexible provider who met the needs of both the boys and the academy. Minerva have been excellent in how they have created and maintained the programme for our boys. The 1-2-1 tuition from Minerva Tutors has been an invaluable resource for our Scholars. I would absolutely recommend Minerva." - Head of Education, Football League Club

"Minerva has been able to provide a great package to allow our scholars the opportunity to study an A Level outside of their apprenticeship offer. The delivery has been professional and the delivery method has allowed the scholars to learn at their own pace. Scholars are able to take accountability of their education with minimum intervention from myself due to the regular updates and communication from Minerva. - Dan, Head of Education Portsmouth FC

"I love your platform Temple, its just great - perfect for what we need" - Sachin Bansal, tech entrepreneur

"Leah got lots of Grade 2s and 3s. That was enough to get her on the college course she wanted to do, and avoid the more basic level. We were relieved that she managed to sit every exam despite her anxiety and your input was definitely helpful both academically and in building her confidence." - Surrey County Council Foster Carers

"Since beginning my A level lessons with Keturah, I have enjoyed the subject very much, and the course is enjoyable to learn about. Though I had no previous knowledge of the subject at school, I have been able to take the information on board quickly, and this has been linked to the design of the lessons and work that is set to me. I would recommend her to anyone studying business." - Vladimir, Shrewsbury FC Academy

"Congratulations Hugh Viney on delivering an excellent online tutoring service to my Year 11 daughter. Keep up the high standards" - Peter S posted this on LinkdIn

"I just want to say we are so very grateful for Richard's help and support so far. You matched us perfectly with our tutor and my son is improving so much under his teaching style. He has built his confidence from the ground up and now things are clicking and he’s getting it. Richards reports to me every lesson are very detailed indeed." - Lisa, parent of A Level student

"I would like to take the opportunity of this email to thank you for your support all these months, finding Tutors for Elizabeth & equally for the quality of their tutoring. - Marie-Helene G, GCSE catch-up/resit tuition

"Mark has also been a tremendous boost to Cormac’s confidence and we are keen to continue our bi-weekly sessions." - GCSE parent

"We are about to travel to Sheffield, where the Summer British Championships are held and in which Inès has 10 races she qualified for. This would not have been possible without homeschooling and your help. Thank you!" - Stephanie G, GCSE Homeschooling Parent

"Thanks so much for everything so far. We're very happy with Mika's tutoring. Minerva has made such a difference to her." - Paddy Hood, homeschooling client

"It’s our first week with Minerva, and overall we’ve been very impressed. Isabella mentioned how much she enjoyed your approach to teaching history and how quickly the lesson went as a result." - GCSE Homeschooling Parent

"I really cannot thank your team enough. Aly and Jen in the office and also the tutor team have all been so kind, understanding and patient" - Lucy, Homeschooling Parent, Year 11 

"Thomas had a very, very productive week. He found it really useful, I think he learnt a lot and we will see how that translates into his exams this week, but he really did enjoy it and I think he would like to do further lessons with Mike and Phin later on in the summer as a catch-up. I think that Mike very much helped on the Maths side as that is the weakest subject for Thomas. I was just so happy that it was solid, productive revision for him that didn’t stress me out!" - Tania, Common Entrance half term intensive course parent

"We just love Ally, she is fab and Beau really enjoys the sessions, which is exactly what I was hoping for! The reports are very useful, no comments or requests to add!"- Jenny G, ISEB pre test parent

"Really appreciate the structure and clarity of what’s going to be achieved and how.As I mentioned by text, the lesson was a smashing success with Sergio and Rebecca. You injected a great dose of confidence in both them regarding the GCSE and A level process, including in Sergio who was in tears before meeting with you because he didn’t think he could ever get better at handwriting characters. He came out of the lesson jumping, believing that he can do it, and already spent today 20 minutes writing sentences with the characters he knows.Thank you so much to you and Jessica." - Ana G, 13+ parent

"We would highly recommend Naomi to anyone looking for tutoring in Psychology. She was extremely professional, patient and encouraging . This was a challenging subject for Talisa, so I consider finding Naomi as a tutor a stroke of good luck." - Louise C, A Level tutoring parent

"Tegan has said that she wishes she had met up with Suhur earlier, she has been brilliant. She loves her teaching methods and has learnt so much more in this short time than in most of her school GCSE Biology lessons. Suhur has made her feel so extremely comfortable to ask questions and explore with confidence. I’m sorry to finish this so soon. I would very highly recommend Suhur to anyone." - Suzette, GCSE tutoring parent

"It has been great so far, my daughter has been looking forward to her next lesson, which is nice to hear."

Leah P,  11+ Parent, May 2021

"My daughter Amelia has just finished her final English A level tutor session with jack and was quite emotional about it being the final one! He has been so fantastic in every way and I can’t recommend him enough. He’s given her so much confidence and has made more of a difference than we ever thought possible. Pls pass on my huge thanks to him." - Candy L, A Level parent

"I just wanted to say that Ed was excellent – the best tutor I have experienced. [Pupil] liked him so much that he was inviting Ed around just to hang out! The good news is that [Pupil] passed the tests and is joining Dulwich Prep so good news all around." - M.S. 11+ tutoring parent

"We have been blow away by the excellence of our tutor, Coco. [Pupil] responds very well to her manner and way of teaching. He has been steadily gaining confidence in his studies and that is mainly due to Coco’s careful work. I also massively appreciate how approachable and easy she is to talk too. We have been able to write a plan of action between us, so as a parent with no ability to teach at all I feel very supported too. Very much a credit to Minerva and her profession." - Parent, 11 Plus tutoring

’Thank you so much for getting in contact. It is going very well with Jack and [Pupil] loves his lessons. They are a perfect match for learning and [Pupil] is never bored. The reports are also good to receive." - Julia, GCSE parent

"Thank you for reaching out Jessica. Everything is going well! The Temple reports are great. [Pupil] really enjoys her sessions with Lise and we are definitely seeing an improvement in her French performance." - A. O., Parent

"Overall the sessions have been very positive. Ally has a gentle approach which works well with [Pupil]. She identified specific areas to practise and that’s been really helpful in the preparation that we’ve been able to continue with at’s been great - [Pupil] actually seems to enjoy the sessions and that’s the most important thing, I don’t want her to be overwhelmed or find it boring, and right now it’s just right and great practise for her on a weekly basis as we approach the exams." - Sally G, Parent, 7+ tutoring

"We have decided to add another hour because she has been enjoying her lessons so far." - Barry W, Parent, Homeschooling

‘We couldn’t be happier with Jack. I’ve been blown away by his enthusiasm and dedication and he is such a skilled teacher. [Pupil] has benefited from his lessons so much and they have a really great connection." - Michael S, parent

"We really love Jamie and have increased lessons by an hour a week because we’re so happy. I love Temple as [Pupil] is really hesitant to share what she is learning so with Temple I always feel like I know what’s going on. Jamie has really helped us navigate the tricky world of 11+ preparation, especially as [Pupil] is in a state school so it’s all very new. We are extremely happy with the service." - L.M., Parent, 11+ tutoring

"Coco is amazing. We’re continuing on for two sessions a week and extremely happy with the whole service at Minerva. As Coco is great at having a chat at the end of each session I don’t always need Temple but it’s easy to use when I does. I wish we had started sooner and Coco has been great both academically but also in noticing the areas that [Pupil] struggles with in confidence and communication." - E.C., Parent, 11+ tutoring

"Inès loved the session and had the feeling that Jack had immediately given her exam tricks to improve her marks." - Caroline, Parent, 11+ tutoring

"I would like to add what a superb Tutor Will has been and Jack has most certainly learnt lots during his time with Will." - LZ., Parent, History A level tutoring

"I would like to extend our thanks to Minerva and the tutors (Rafet, Kate and Diana) for all of their help and support given to us and Tom. His Minerva era was a period of happiness and he is now looking forward to attending college from September 10th." - Jon S, GCSE Homeschooling 

"I just wanted to thank you for everything, I just saw the tutor’s report and this is very helpful. Your system is excellent." - Laura, International Tuition Parent - Aug 2020

"Alexander was fantastic, just the sort of tutor we wanted! Young and enthusiastic but also very calm ......we would definitely recommend him." - Phoebe S, GCSE Parent

“The one to one attention from Minerva’s Tutors has been an invaluable boost for my children. I would absolutely recommend Minerva.” - Darsha C, A Level Parent

"Charlie’s sessions with Eve were really good - so good in fact that she got an A* for her Spanish A level!  An excellent investment!" - Jane S M, A Level Parent

“Thanks for today. Good to hear Alex laughing - French hasn’t always been enjoyable for him.” - Claire P, GCSE Parent

"Phin was great yesterday. All your tutors have been great. Alex had really grown in knowledge and confidence so whatever the outcome we are really proud of him." - Claire, Westminster Challenge Parent

“Steph has been getting on really well with David, who is an excellent teacher.” - Natalie F, 13+ Parent

"My daughter Tatiana enjoys her classes with Betty very much. She says she learns more than in any other computer class she has taken. Betty is also a wonderful role model as a Hispanic woman in a STEM profession." - Gloria C, Coding Parent

"Everything's going very well, thanks. The tuition has been a great success and we all wish we'd started it a decade or so ago." - Ian K, GCSE Parent

"So far everything has been brilliant, I am amazed how smoothly it's gone. I think you guys are very clever...actually I am very clever for picking the right agency!" - Ian K, Homeschooling Parent

"Prabhath was great and we would definitely recommend him and use him again if we needed to do have a residential tutor." - Rana F, GCSE Parent

"Thank you SO much, Alexander was absolutely fantastic." - Susan H, GCSE Parent

"My sessions have been going great with Isabel, she is absolutely brilliant for me, she really is. I couldn’t be happier. To date, she has helped me so much and she clearly knows her stuff and she’s a lovely person as well. We’re both lucky to have her!!!" - David S, Master's Student

"It was a very nice holiday for Michela. She really enjoyed! I’ll surely contact you again next summer since Michela already asked me to repeat this experience!” - Antonella N - Me Club Parent

"Our two weeks with David were great and we think greatly beneficial to Pietro. David was a delight to have around. We look forward to having him back." - Camilla S, 11 Plus Parent

"Roses sessions with Rachel are going well. She is starting to understand the topics and feeling much happier going into tests now." - Lisa D, GCSE parent

"Hannah's fantastic, the children really like her, as do I." - one of our oldest clients on Hannah, one of our brilliant grad tutors!

"All I've ever heard is positive feedback on Jack. I know that Sean likes him and gets a lot out of the sessions..." - Amazing feedback for one of our Maths and Sciences specialists. Well done Jack!

"We think Alice is just fantastic and everything is going so well." - Deana G, 7 Plus Parent

"Siobhan is wonderful and amazing." - Hasan H, 7 Plus Parent

"They loved it! So happy with how much the boys enjoyed it. Thomas waz terrific with them. I think once Zac the oldest has finished with 11+ exams we will have weekly tutoring!" - Katie D, Coding Parent

"Everything is going so well - I love Temple. Hats off to Minerva!" - Louise W, GCSE Parent

"Going so great! Very happy with Siobhan and very happy with Minerva!" - 7+ Parent

"All going very well - Ben is excellent and has a fantastic manner and approach- calm, entirely positive, encouraging and really draws out students' own ideas and thoughts. Our son (13+ Scholarship/Westminster Challenge), after just a few sessions, is already full of enthusiasm and new ideas. He has learned a huge amount and gained immensely in confidence - and is starting to think and discuss ideas much more critically. Happy for you to share this with Ben and I will also feedback directly to him. Also very pleased with the Temple feedback system - great for the kids to see their progress as well. Tutoring has really added to and brought something very different to school." - Claire P, Scholarship Parent

"Ed absolutely enjoyed Jack and said he made the lessons fun and he now has a great interest in science. In fact, both tutors have been great! And I will definitely recommend to other parents at Ed's school!" - Amazing feedback from Jack once again from one of our lovely 1-to-1 clients. Thank you!

"We are extremely happy with Thomas and Oliver; Oli and Greg are flourishing. Oli got a 7 for his Maths GCSE which he wrote in November so we are delighted." - Phoebe, Homeschooling Parent

"It if it wasn't for Minerva, Delilah would never have got into City of London." - Jade H, 11 Plus Guardian

"Diana's the best tutor we've ever had." - Sarah, French GCSE Parent

"Olive really liked Rachel and we were really impressed and looking forward to seeing her later tonight!" - Annabel D, 11 plus parent

"The Innocent Drinks of the Tutor World..." - The Good Schools Guide 2017

"Jack was brilliant and Ella is thrilled. So thank you!" - Lovely feedback from one of our Chemistry GCSE clients. Well done Jack!

"Delighted to inform you that Henry got offers from Dulwich, Whitgift and Trinity, including 2 scholarships...thanks so much for your help with maths." - Amazing work from our top maths tutor Udi. Such great news and congratulations to Henry!

"Our first session with Alice went very well. She has an excellent manner; Fred enjoyed it and seems to have taken to Alice easily. It promises to be a good relationship, I think... She had a good range of 'tools’ to assess Fred’s level" - Tara M, 8 Plus Parent

"Sessions with Alice are going really well. We're very happy. Also Temple is fabulous, the transparency is great. I'm not there for the sessions so it's really helpful for me to be able to see what's being covered." - GCSE parent

"Sessions with Alice are going really well and Lucy is loving being challenged by the work. We're very happy. Also Temple is fabulous, the transparency is great. I'm not there for the sessions so it's really helpful for me to be able to see what's being covered." - Amazing feedback from an 11 plus parent! Well done to our Pro Tutor team and great to hear back about our online reporting system too

"I think the first session went really well, we're very happy with Emily." - Raashed A, 8+ Parent

"Steph had an excellent session with Emily and thought she was great fun and a really good teacher." - Natalie G, 13+ Parent

"I think the reports from Agnes are that she is really appreciating the input from Virginia, they are getting on really well and Agnes feel much more confident with the subject matter. The lessons have been really well structured and from our side the reports have been really encouraging. We are thrilled Agnes enjoys them so much." - Marcus B, A-level PA

"It was a pleasure to meet Adrian and Harrison found him organised, patient and encouraging.  He thought Adrian was an engaging tutor and was pleased to be shown some new revision methods. In summary, the 2 days were a success, consolidating the knowledge Harrison already had and making some tricky topics clearer and more accessible." - Nasrin S, 11 Plus Parent

"I am very happy with the arabic tutor, Nizar. He is excellent on so many levels." - Rania M, 7+ Parent

"Hannah's fantastic, the children really like her, as do I." - Barbara B, homeschooling parent

"Jack really enjoyed the lesson - and has many shared interests with Rachel. We’re very pleased with how it all went. We’d love it if Rachel is happy to carry on" - James L, Homeschooling Parent

"Siobhan is just brilliant, she's is truly fantastic!! The children love her, she has such a nice way about her. She is absolutely brilliant" - Barbara B, Primary Parent

"I just want to say thank you for making Michael's stay in the UK so good. He has never enjoyed learning so much as he has done at your summer camp." - Andrew B, Me Club Parent

"Scott was really great this afternoon - even though Evan beat him 4-0 at blitz chess he still had a smile on his face!"

"Jenny is the perfect balance of freshness, youth and enthusiasm with professionalism and directness.” - Miles M, Chemistry A Level

"Thank you, Liliana is absolutely fabulous. We get on very well, she is a blessing for us." - Eva J, GCSE Homeschooling Parent

"Just to let you know Udi is working out so well - Eva is really finding it so helpful and he is such a nice chap too" - Susan H, GCSE Parent

"Olivia really enjoyed her lesson with Cordelia today. Not only was I greeted with a beautiful smile when she finished, but she said to me, "I wish I could start homeschooling tomorrow!" So a real success!" - Feedback from a new client and the homeschooling hasn't even started yet! Congrats to Cordelia!

"Jack's done an amazing job with Ethan - he's really managed to engage him, so I've been really impressed." Louise W, GCSE Homeschooling Parent

"It’s going very well with Andrew, and Esme has a lot of fun during her lessons." - Stephanie C - Coding Parent

"Thanks for today. Good to hear Alex laughing - French hasn’t always been enjoyable for him." - Claire, Westminster Challenge Parent

"Thank you so much for setting up this life-saving company."- Jade H, 11 Plus Guardian

"Richard was very pleased with his first tutoring lesson and with Lian." - GCSE maths and science parent praising Lian on the good start!

"The family were incredibly happy with Emily. She kept the lessons fun and informative. The children really liked her and looked forward to seeing her each week." - Sarah J, 11+ Parent

"My lesson with Virginia went well. She was helpful in identifying my weaker areas in my language knowledge by checking a few of my verb endings knowledge. I have really enjoyed learning with her thus far." - Agnes W, GCSE Pupil

"Amazing feedback from my son. They hit it off, I believe. " - Kanya F, 13 Plus Scholarship Parent

"I thank you for the wonderful organized week for my son. Special thanks goes to Scott who really went out of his way to pick up Ghaith in the morning and took care of him throughout the excursions." - Lulwa A, Me Club Parent

"Jack has been amazing and Oliver is loving the lessons - the reports are very good too. It has been so good for Oscar - thank you so much for all your help." - Julia T, 13+ homeschooling parent

"...What impressed most was the level of individual tutor commitment combined with Minerva's organisational flexibility...we are very pleased and proud that he passed all 8 GCSEs, with far higher grades than were originally predicted and is now studying three A levels at a sixth form college of his choice." - Sarah M, GCSE Homeschooling Parent

"...Within a week, Minerva had organised a daily timetable of home tutors covering all eight GCSE subjects so crucial continuity was maintained. What impressed most was the level of individual tutor commitment combined with Minerva's organisational flexibility...we are very pleased and proud that he passed all 8 GCSEs, with far higher grades than were originally predicted and is now studying three A levels at a sixth form college of his choice." - Sarah M, GCSE Homeschooling Parent

"Thanks a lot Scott and for all your hard work in organising all the timetables." - A new homeschooling client being very happy with our services. Well done Scott!

"Oscar is delighted with the sessions and is keen to do more...He really loves working with Jack which is amazing to see!" - Some more amazing feedback about our main science man, Jack, from one of our lovely clients. Thank you and great work, Jack!

"Yes, we really liked Emily. She's very personable and had an established approach to teach. Your website is also very impressive." - Jian C, 7 Plus Parent

"Archie had a great week, thanks. Thanks to you and the team for all your efforts." - Simon, Me Club Parent - well done Alice & Jack

"Luca said it was much better than his English classes at school!" - Tosin A, GCSE Parent

"She’s an absolute star, Luca has improved a lot thanks to her help." - Luisa A, GCSE parent

"My kids enjoyed the course and they learned a lot, special thanks to Scott." - Botond S, Me Club parent

"Ed was extremely helpful providing me with just the information I needed." - Website visitor

"We love ALL the tutors. Augie has bonded well with all of them. And thank you so much for all your help and patience. It’s been revelatory." - Anand T, GCSE Homeschooling Parent

"Yes indeed it was great meeting Susie and very helpful having her impartial opinion of where Kelsea is, and what she needs to address to really achieve her best..." - new parent feedback on our 11 plus assessment service with ex-headmistress, Susie West!

"Alice has done a splendid job and Fred was offered a place at school!" - Tara M, 8+ Parent

"I think Minerva is just great. We love everything you do. Your whole setup, the website, the blog, everything is just fantastic..." - Julia C, GCSE Parent

"Despite the fact Luca was suffering from severe flu, he was delighted with the lesson." - Tosin A, GCSE Parent

"We were extremely happy with Minerva. Our son Shiraz felt the tuition was very useful." - Nicolas M, 13 Plus Parent

"Thanks for the recommendation, we were very pleased with Ella." - Esther L, 11 Plus Parent

"Emily was great thank you, can't praise her enough. Jemima has been offered a place at Northbridge House. Please pass on our thanks to Emily." - Kevin M, 7 Plus Parent

"I am really happy with how the children have progressed in this short period of time, I am very happy we found your company. We made the right choice." - Kamyla N, Primary Homeschooling Parent

"Our son came out of the session with David really happy." - Ermenio S, 7+ parent

"I think Siobhan is fantastic so far. The children really like her and she is dynamic and engaging. Am very happy." - Barbara B, Primary Parent

"Geraldine's confidence has flourished under Noel's tutorship. Thank you Scott! And thank you to the Minerva team for everything." - Well done Noel. Great feedback! 

"I think she was exactly what Max and Sid were looking for. We would very much like to continue and look forward to seeing her tomorrow." - Alice W, the nanny of 13 plus student

"Rachel is a great and engaging tutor." - Once again, Rachel getting all the praise!

"Chelsea is thrilled with the offer from Sydenham High! Jack has been doing a great job!" - Roger B, 11+ parent

"The lesson went well and Ray said she found it helpful. Jack was punctual and engaging."- Nice work Jack! Lovely feedback there from one of our new GCSE maths clients

" I have to say we were HUGELY impressed with all the tutors, and with the amount of progress Reilly made" - Ian K, Homeschooling Parent

“Jack is fantastic, thank you! John was very happy.” - Liz K, 11 + Parent

"I would like to thank you for Michael. As he is an excellent tutor!" - Amazing work from one of our tutors, Michael!

"Emily is fantastic with Luca. They seem to have a lot in common which is great to see." - Tosin A, GCSE Parent

"Aida absolutely loved Shane!! She said the hour felt like 10 minutes and they want him back as soon as possible!" - Sarah J, Primary Parent

“Emily is intelligent, kind, patient, empathic and highly competent. I would recommend her very highly.” - Barbara B, Primary Parent

"Poppy is lovely and Owen really enjoys having her as his tutor. The lesson reports are really useful" - Lee, 11+ parent

"Alice has hugely enjoyed her time with Jennifer.  She’s a hugely encouraging and energetic tutor...We’ve enjoyed our time with Minerva and will have no hesitation in using you again and recommending you to others." - Richard P, 7 Plus Parent

"I just wanted to thank you, Scott and Hugh for everything over the last several months. It has been a real pleasure to work with you and for Minerva. I was really happy to see what an enjoyable, friendly and supportive atmosphere there is at Minerva, and I really appreciated all of the help with getting teaching materials and advice while tutoring Myron. I hope to be able to work with you again when I come back to London." - Leon A, Minerva Tutor

"We were very pleased with Alex's work while he was with us. He works hard and has high standards, and he gets on very well with Oliver. We are very satisfied with Alex's work and very pleased with the decision to bring him to Singapore...We also see Alex as a good influence and role model for Oli and for Greg." - Phoebe S, Homeschooling Parent

"Everything is going great! I’m really happy with both tutors so it’s definitely an experience we are planning to repeat." - Feedback from one of our new summer clients. The tutors, Holly and Lian, have clearly done a very good job!

"We've just had our first session with Alice and we were very happy!" - Raphael G, KS3 Parent

"I cannot emphasise enough how impressed I am with all the tutors taking such a close interest in Perry's progress and welfare." - Mark C, GCSE Homeschooling Parent

"Michael really enjoys the lessons! He will definitely be coming back next year." - Ivy S, Me Club Parent

"Skype is great! It's extremely practical, so don't know why we weren't using it before." - Rania M, 7+ Parent

"Lessons with Ginny are going great. I feel like she is really helping me with Classics." - GCSE Pupil

"Nico doing very well at school. Getting on well with David. I'm very happy." - 11 Plus Parent

"Sessions with Alice are going really well. We're very happy. Also Temple is fabulous, the transparency is great. I'm not there for the sessions so it's really helpful for me to be able to see what's being covered."- A Level Parent

"Alex is a delight, lovely, enthusiastic, on top of things already. Very pleased, well found." - From a new homeschooling client about one of our newest tutors. Well done Alex and welcome to the team!

"Today’s session was great. Keelan liked Samantha very much so I think it should work out great." - Meera S, GCSE Homeschooling Parent

"I've never heard Reece be so enthusiastic about anything before, I got quite emotional" -  Vince M, GCSE Homeschooling

"It was fantastic. I was quite shocked at how well it went actually.” - Saffron G, GCSE Homeschooling

"Tayo was very good, kind, clear and the children loved him. We were very fond of him as a family, in fact." - Mehtab D, GCSE Parent

"The sessions went well today and Rachel worked very well with Isabel and seems like an excellent tutor." - Lovely feedback from our new homeschooling client. Well done Rachel!

"Isabella got a place at Notting Hill! Many thanks for your help!" - Rachel R , 7+ Parent

“The first assessment lesson went well. Joe is a very personable tutor and Rosa liked him which is excellent.” - Susan H, GCSE Maths Parent

"Jordan has been very good at getting Sid engaged in Latin (it was a big challenge!) but they seem to be storming ahead now..." - Alice, 13 plus parent

"Eyeopening and has gone extremely well!" - Lovely feedback from a GCSE parent who has started with online homeschooling. Thank you!

"Jordan has been very good at getting Simon engaged in Latin (it was a big challenge!) but they seem to be storming ahead now..." - Feedback about one of our Classics specialists, Jordan

"My daughter has tried the 1st lesson with Christa. She loved it a lot. Thank you so much!" - Sumaiya - English KS2 parent

"...I am extremely happy with the services that Minerva tutors provide. They are great at communicating with both parents and tutors to make sure that everything is running smoothly... I am grateful to have found them when I did"

"Because we saw how well Ben had encouraged our son we decided to also ask him to tutor our daughter (11+) in a specific area. This was a potential challenge as she wasn't keen and quite nervous. She has just had her first session and Ben engaged her brilliantly - and got her reading aloud, discussing text,  drawing and making up new characters." - Claire P, 11 Plus Parent

“Thanks Scott. You’re a star!” - Tosin A, Parent

"To be honest it's something that I wish we had done sooner." - Vince M, Homeschooling Parent

“I was absolutely delighted with all of his results. I was remarkably impressed with the service provided and also remarkably impressed with the standard and the calibre of the tutors.” - Mark C, GCSE Homeschooling Parent

"Liliana and Magalie are doing great! It was so nice to hear that Lilliana is happy with Magalie's progress. Liliana is very dedicated and super hard working. We could not have asked for a better tutor for Magalie." - Eva J, GCSE Homeschooling Parent

“It was a pleasure having you teach Mya. Thank you so much for your support, reliability and warmth.” - Allison S, 11 Plus Parent

"We have been very happy with Minerva and we thank you for all the assistance you have provided. We shall certainly be returning to Minerva, should Ali require further tuition in the future." - Raashed A, 8 Plus Parent

"Isabella got a place at Notting Hill! Many thanks for your help!" - Rachel R, 7+ parent

"Clarice is fab"- Tessa L, Coding Parent

"The sessions went well today and Rachel worked very well with Isabel and seems like an excellent tutor." - Kate M, GCSE homeschooling parent

"I would like to thank you for the week Daniel spent with you along with all the wonderful experiences and lessons you were able to share with him." - Emmanuel O, Me Club Parent

"We are thrilled with Jack. Harry has improved at school and we honestly feel having Jack has made a huge difference so thank you." What feedback! A very happy pupil and an amazing tutor. Jack, you're a star!

"We love Jack. He is excellent. We are very pleased that he is working with Sonny and seems to be giving him a real confidence boost." - More stunning feedback about one of our start tutors, Jack. Bravo!

"The kids really had fun. We hope to be part of the summer camp next year!!" - Monique M, Me Club Parent

“Happy with Emily is working out well, we're thrilled. Minerva was the third agency we looked at, and hit the nail on the head for me – didn’t want to push my son too much and is now seeing fantastic benefits.” - Ellora C, 7+ Parent

"We would like to thank everyone from Minerva for last week! Robert enjoyed a lot. Ģreat job!" - Bogdan G, Me Club Parent

“Max achieved a place at Dulwich Prep all thanks to your marvellous tutors.” - Rachel S, 7+ Parent

Jack is brilliant! Lawrence’s grades have improved and gone up because of him. He’s calm, engaging, passionate, approachable, reassuring and encouraging with Lawrence. He’s also a pleasure to have in the house." - Daniela M, GCSE parent

“I am very happy with our tutor Charlie! I always suggest Minerva by giving your contacts to any friends who ask me how Luigi managed to pass the schools tests.” - Flaminia M, 11+ Parent