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A method that pulls out the gems in each young person, allowing the mentee to unlock their super power in order to overcome the challenges they are currently facing.
We provide transforming schedules that utilise assets , allowing the mentee to find or enhance their ambition, helping them to understand and overcome current hardships.
Mentees will inherit life skills, increasing their confidence, helping them to make independent positive decisions as they develop a strong social awareness.
Mentee’s will learn qualities that create opportunities for positive relationships, overcome stress and anxiety, developing faith and pride in oneself. Allowing one to be responsible, compassionate and thoughtful while achieving greatness
Unlike other agencies, our mentors are trained, full time, and highly experienced in online/In person mentoring.

Tutoring Support Programmes for Schools in the UK

We do everything we can to help your pupils recover their confidence and academic ability after the disruption caused by COVID-19.

After our initial call, you’ll be assigned an Education Support Manager who will organise a structured Tutoring Support Programme that's entirely bespoke to your school. We will take care of all the administration and run safe and engaging online classes between our tutors and your pupils.

Our expert, DBS-checked tutors will help your pupils with topics they find challenging and can re-teach parts of the syllabus if necessary.

Each Tutoring Support Programme will be tailored entirely to your school at times that work for you.

What's included

  • Your pupils will receive hourly online tuition with our trained, full time, motivational tutors 🤓
  • Your pupils can learn inside or outside of school hours - it's up to you ⌚
  • You will receive support from an Education Support Manager for the duration of the project 👩‍💼
  • We take a structured, mindful tuition approach - working on confidence as well as academics🧠
  • We can tutor English, Maths, or any subject you require 📚
  • We can organise small online classes at a ratio of pupil to tutor that suits you 🧑‍🏫
  • Our online classes are safe, engaging, and motivational 📈
  • Lesson content & attendance reporting available, if required 🖥️

    Each Tutoring Support Programme is tailored to your school, running for however long you wish. 


    Support for Councils and LEAs

    Minerva also works with Councils and LEAs to help with their educational needs. We help pupils from all walks of life. Some have fallen out of the traditional system. Some have special educational needs or severe mental health issues. We focus on each child's needs, placing pupil wellbeing at the heart of everything we do.

    • Do you need a tutoring solution to ensure academic success for looked after children?
    • Do you want more than just the academic subjects - eg. mentoring, wellbeing?
    • Do you look after UAS - Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking kids?
    • Do you want to ensure the best education outcomes for each child?
    • Do you need hard data for their PEP - Personal Education Plan?
    • Are you looking for Functional Skills Level 2, GCSE, or A Level?
    • Do you have pupils with SEND who need better schooling?
    • Do you need a setting that can work with an EHCP?

    Represent a Council? Please get in touch for all your educational needs. We're here to help.

    How to enquire

    Please book a Discovery Call with us, or fill out the form below and choose Support for Schools and Councils from the list. We will get back to you ASAP.