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Namibia, 2018. We worked with an internationally-mobile family to ensure their daughter excelled in her upcoming GCSE exams. Minerva Tutors International provided three excellent candidates, the first of whom was selected by the family. We then compiled and delivered a year-long on the ground strategy to raise the pupil’s confidence and give her the ability to succeed. Result: the pupil scored exceptionally in her GCSEs. The client remarked, “We could not have asked for a better tutor.” Result: They continued to use our services for A levels.

Singapore, 2019. We were asked by a family’s PA to provide a full school replacement programme for their three children (aged 6, 8, and 12). The family looked at four prospective tutors from Minerva Tutors International, and hired two of them to create a unique homeschooling partnership. The emphasis was on academic attainment, but also Asian history and the geo-political background of the region. The family commissioned the programme for a year, but it has been such a success it continues to this day. Result: ongoing.

Delhi, 2018. We provided a specialist ISEB tutor to an internationally mobile French family for 6 months. They wanted their son to attain a place at a top UK independent school and had several top favourites. Whilst our school placement team managed the school visits and application processes, our tutor worked on all aspects of the ISEB pretest – maths, English, verbal and non verbal reasoning, plus interview technique. The pupil had grown up through the French system so was unprepared for the vigorous exams in comparison to his peers at prep schools in the UK. Result: the boy was offered a place at his top 4 choice schools after 12 months of guidance from the Minerva Tutors International team.

Rome 2017. An Italian family based at the International school in Rome wanted to send their son to Oundle, a fantastic Independent school in Northamptonshire, UK. His English wasn’t up to the standard expected at the school for entrance at 13+ so they hired a Minerva Tutor to live with them for 6 months. Through classic EFL techniques as well as instilling a love for English literature the tutor was able to have a huge impact on the pupils written and communicative English. That, coupled with some work on 13+ maths and reasoning skills, as well as exam technique, ensured the pupil vastly improved in a short space of time. Result: a place at Oundle.

Jersey 2016. A Jersey based family decided they wanted to break away from what was considered the normal secondary school route in their circle of friends by signing their son up to apply for Eton. They contacted us when he was in year 5 and the exam was to be taken in year 6. We recommended our most experienced tutor for Eton entrance exams, Adam, and – through a mixture of residential visits during the holidays and Skype sessions in term time, he prepared the pupil for all aspects of the exam: English, Maths, Verbal and non verbal reasoning. He particularly helped with interview preparation by encouraging an interest in current affairs through debate and newspaper reading. Result: the young pupil was offered a place at Eton, pending successful common entrance at 13 plus.

School Placement Case Studies.

UK. A Cheshire based single mum, Mrs K, had three daughters all aged under 8 years. Two were at a large co-ed private school and another daughter was due to go there. The eldest daughter was not thriving academically and it became obvious the school did not suit her. In consultation with the family we were able to find and recommend a small, girls only school. The three sisters went on to be happy and successful both academically and socially for the rest of their secondary school years.

Portugal 2018. This family’s daughter had spent her first few secondary years at an international school in Portugal. The parents were worried about the limited subject choice available for GCSE and A Level and needed advice on boarding schools in the UK. We advised the family who were very happy with the choices they were offered.

Hong Kong 2020. We sent a tutor to Hong Kong to give tuition to the young son of a Hong Kong based family. Having got to know his strengths and weaknesses we were then able to advise the family on suitable schools. After arranging a number of accompanied school visits to the schools we recommended,, we were able to help them apply for a place at their three top choices and secure him a place at Sevenoaks in September 2020.

China 2020. The daughter of a family from mainland China decided at a late stage that she would like to study for A levels in the UK. The family had no experience or knowledge of UK education but through consultation with them, helped by one of our Mandarin speaking consultants in Hong Kong, we were able to find her a place at their chosen school. Here she’ll spend a foundation year preparing for UK Sixth Form study.

Hong Kong 2020. A mother wanted advice on sending her daughter to the UK for Sixth Form. We spent time talking to Mrs C and her daughter and are advising them on the processes involved in finding suitable schools. We are arranging visits and helping with applications.

Hong Kong, 2018. A UK based family moved to Hong Kong in the January of their 16 year old son’s GCSE year. They needed a smooth continuation of his GCSE subjects, which included computer science, up until the exams in May and June. We sent a highly specialist tutor out with them for 5 months. They worked extremely hard and with the support of the international team at Minerva tutors and extra lessons with specialist tutors over Skype, we helped him complete his GCSEs with a string of 8s and 9s. Result: after the success of the GCSEs the family are using our team for A levels now they have returned to the UK.

UK, 2017. We worked with a member of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family providing his teenage daughter with a full homeschooling program for a term. Our team of tutors covered 10 subjects including weekly cultural excursions and activities, whilst liaising with her international school in Riyadh to ensure a seamless transition from the school environment to the home learning environment. The aim was to make sure she could return to her school the following term without falling behind her peers. Result: she actually went back to school stronger academically than when she left.

Switzerland and UK, 2019. We were asked to provide a full homeschooling replacement for a Russian family living in London. They abruptly needed to pull their 14-year-old son out of his American school in Switzerland so he could be closer to the family. He flew home on the Sunday, they called us on the Tuesday and by the following Monday we had an entire team of homeschooling tutors delivering a tailored program. At extremely short notice we were able to provide a team of American curriculum specialist tutors to ensure that his education would continue seamlessly without affecting his GPA average. Result: ongoing.

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