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Minerva Tutors.

"Eyeopening and has gone extremely well"
GCSE Homeschooling Online Parent, March 2020


All our online homeschooling services are also available offline, via traditional, face to face tuition.
Welcome to Minerva Tutors. We provide trusted, world-class homeschooling services for families in the UK and around the world via online video calls and state of the art e-learning software.

Our Brilliant Tutors.

Every Minerva tutor is vetted, trained, and professional. They have been chosen for their inspirational character, motivational teaching ability, and confidence building skills.

All our tutors are available online and in person.


What We Do.

We combine the very best tutoring talent with the latest screen-sharing technology, turning your kitchen into the world’s most advanced classroom.

"Thank you, Liliana is absolutely fabulous. We get on very well, she is a blessing for us ."
Eva J, Homeschooling Parent
"I cannot emphasise enough how impressed I am with all the tutors taking such a close interest in Perry's progress and welfare."
Vince, GCSE Homeschooling Parent

Benefits of Distance Learning.

Classes between our tutors and tutees are held 1-on-1 in safe, online learning environments.
"...What impressed most was the level of individual tutor commitment combined with Minerva's organisational flexibility...we are very pleased and proud that he passed all 8 GCSEs, with far higher grades than were originally predicted and is now studying three A levels at a sixth form college of his choice."
Sarah M, GCSE Homeschooling Parent

Weekly Reports.

Each week, parents will receive a report from our tutors, outlining pupil progress in each subject they are undertaking. We like to keep to traditional term times as much as possible, and produce end of term reports just like in school.

Our reports are unique: they measure our four key development metrics: motivation, confidence, academic ability and improvement.

"It has been very good for Marie to continue her tutoring online. There's such an improvement in her work but mostly in her confidence. Thank you all at Minerva!!"
Marta, Homeschooling parent

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Screenshot of report system

Our Packages.

We offer four main categories of service. Support, Support Plus, 10 - 15 and Bespoke.


1-on-1 academic mentoring (no tutoring)

Support Plus.

1-on-1 academic mentoring, 1hr/wk tutoring

10 - 15.

1-on-1 academic mentoring, 10-15hrs/wk tutoring


1-on-1 academic mentoring, 15-30hrs/wk tutoring, cultural excursions, university guidance, and more
For more information on our packages, please see our main homeschooling page.

Subjects Covered.

We cover almost all traditional subjects via online tuition.

Subjects which have a large emphasis on practical coursework, such as Design and Technology and Home Economics at GCSE and A Level, are sadly not feasible.

However Maths, English, the Sciences, Geography, History, Foreign Languages, Business, Computer Science, ICT, Religious Studies, Media Studies, and Journalism, and much more are possible.

If you would like to pursue Music or Drama, please let us know in our first conversation, as there may be ways we can achieve this.


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