September 2020 - Coronavirus update
Tutor and pupil safety is our number 1 priority. The majority of tutoring is taking place online. If you require in-person tutoring please let us know. It is at the tutor's discretion.

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Home Tutors. Introducing The Minerva Home Tutor.

Unlike traditional freelance tutors, home tutors introduced by Minerva are trained by our expert team to provide a unique style of home tutoring. Our aim is to encourage and motivate our pupils to perform the best they can, as well as stretching their academic abilities during structured, one-to-one sessions.

We understand engaging the services of any of our home tutors can often mean a significant investment on behalf of the parent or guardian. As a result, we match our pupils with the member of the team who is able to get the most out of the pupil and who will go on to have a transformation effect on their future, both inside the classroom and out.

The Minerva Home Tutor – An Introductory Guide.


More and more people are looking for home tutors for their children, whether it’s an hour a week of extra help with a particular subject, or an entire bespoke homeschooling package for three kids.

But why should you choose a Minerva home tutor?

Fewer tutors, more hours.

Unlike many companies who may have hundreds of tutors on their books, including some they hardly know, Minerva has a smaller selection of home tutors whom we are familiar with. All of them have been interviewed and DBS checked and many have worked with us over a long time, and several clients. 

Because we prefer to have fewer people on our books, every Minerva home tutor is experienced, professional and dedicated.

Finding the right home tutor for you.

Having fewer tutors on our books, all of whom we know well and trust, makes it easier to find the perfect home tutor for you and your children (instead of just someone random who is available and happens to tutor their subject). 

If your child is musical, we can find a home tutor that plays piano and guitar. If they’re into football, we have sporty tutors, and if they’re into drama and theatre – we’ll find a tutor that’s done a full run at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Full-time home tutors.

As well as some dedicated freelancers, we also have a team of full-time ‘pro’ home tutors. They can teach anything from 7+ all the way up to A Level, and see tutoring as a long-term career with the opportunity for professional development, rather than a side-job or temporary gig. 

A Minerva pro home tutor can take on any job, from one-to-one lessons and online tuition to homeschooling and residential placements. As such, we help them to grow and become the best home tutor they can be! Speaking of which…


Minerva offers regular training sessions for our full-time and freelance tutors, to make sure their skills are up to scratch. This spans anything from 11+, Common Entrance and exam revision techniques to working with students who have learning difficulties.

This helps ensure that our home tutors are prepared for any number of different exams, subjects and students, so you won’t be getting a home tutor who is just trying to wing it on the day.


We think it’s important that parents know exactly how a home tutor is helping their child, which is why we have Temple, our online reporting tool. After every lesson, the tutor will fill in a report detailing what material was covered in the lesson, what’s next and any other important details. The report also measures the student’s motivation, confidence, ability and improvement, so parents can see exactly how these develop over time. 

We have a small and dedicated team in our London-based office – The Temple of Minerva – who are always happy to help whatever the issue, whether it’s looking for resources, school and university advice or finding another home tutor. 

Not just tutoring.

Beyond home tutor visits, many of our tutors are also involved with some of Minerva’s other projects, such as The Treehouse and Me Club. The Treehouse is our weekly reading/homework community club, run for free for children and parents in the Lambeth/Brixton area. It takes place every Monday in Pop Brixton (where our office is located), and there will always be at least one tutor there to help things run smoothly.

Me Club is Minerva’s holiday camp, fast becoming one of the most exciting options in London for kids, and parents looking for a way to keep their little ones stimulated during the holidays. We split the day into morning classes, which can focus on English language learning (for groups from abroad), 7+/11+ classes, or any bespoke activity (even coding!) if we have a group who are keen. In the afternoon, children take part in exciting workshops, or trips to some of London’s most famous and educational landmarks and museums. In the past we have been to the Science Museum, British Museum, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (where we also have an amazing Shakespeare workshop, hosted by an actor performing there), the Tower Bridge Experience and Kidzania.

We run a slightly different program every week, so children will never be doing exactly the same thing twice. The kids have an amazing time, and parents love it so much that we often have the same children coming back year after year. If you would like to think about Me Club for your children this summer, you can call us, email or click here (insert link) for more information. Book soon to avoid disappointment!

Some parents have even talked about seeing a positive attitude change in their children after a week or two at Me Club, which brings us onto the final point…


We don’t just employ tutors to help students get a particular grade, or get into a particular school (though this is often a big part of the job), but we also look for individuals who can inspire students all round, and help them develop a love of learning, and the ability to work independently. Sometimes, this is done through modeling good behaviour and organisation, and a positive work ethic.

We have had students who were not struggling academically as such, but who had more problems with their attitude and behaviour, social skills or mental health difficulties. Sometimes, these students do not need a tutor, as such, but a mentor* who can help them improve personally and socially, in a way that goes beyond the scope of a regular home tutor.

*A Mentor is NOT a substitute for a therapist or mental health professional, which is obviously required in certain circumstances

What are you waiting for?

Minerva can provide an exceptional home tutor for any student, subject or age group, and we also have experts available in other fields such as art, sport, coding and public speaking.

Minerva received a glowing review from the Good Schools Guide in 2017 with high praise form tutors and parents alike, and we have hundreds of fantastic testimonials from delighted parents over the last few years.  

So if you’re looking for a home tutor…what are you waiting for? Call us on 0208 819 3276, or send us an email on

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"We're thrilled. Minerva was the third agency we looked at, and hit the nail on the head for me – didn’t want to push my son too much and is now seeing fantastic benefits.”
Ellora C, 7+ Parent