Our homeschooling packages are devised in partnership with Minerva, the tutor(s), and the family. Our strength is our innovation and our expertise: we create stunning education experiences to shape and nurture.

A traditional mainstream school education is not always desired, nor is it the only option. Homeschooling is extremely flexible and rewarding, providing an inspiring alternative to standardised and often outdated models of education.

We’ve introduced children to a safer world of education where they may have struggled with bullying in mainstream schooling or  have special educational needs, We can ensure a tutor has the appropriate experience and specialist training for any specialist educational need a student may have.

I am amazed how smoothly it's gone...
Ian, Homeschooling parent
I cannot emphasise enough how impressed I am...
Mark, GCSE Homeschooling parent



Minerva’s Individual homeschooling learning plans focus on the wishes of the family in unison with the pupil’s needs and abilities. The one-to-one attention given by an international tutor, or a group of tutors, helps produce outstanding results in a pupil. Confidence, emotional intelligence, personal maturity, and academic brilliance are some of the key areas we develop. Pupils come to understand their subject matter deeply, benefit from unlimited support, and may explore areas of learning that traditional schools cannot.

Our tutors help your child to learn at their own pace and to build the confidence they need to perform well at school.


There are many benefits to homeschooling and just as many reasons why a family chooses a replaced full-time private education at home. We’ve placed full-time tutors with:
  • Students who require a different bespoke educational style
  • Students who were being bullied or suffer anxiety at school
  • Students with particular educational needs, such as dyslexia or AD/HD
  • Professional Students and families who have a demanding schedule such as athletes, musicians and actors
  • Families who wanted to spend more time travelling



Homeschooling has one main advantage: we can create an entirely unique education for our pupils. With the one-on-one attention given to pupils from their tutors, homeschooling is one of the most rewarding and beneficial ways to educate children. We will supply you with tutor(s) to teach a world class curriculum from the safety of your home, or wherever you are in the world, if you are travelling on holiday, or always on the move.

We provide:

  • all timetabling and education programming
  • bespoke curriculum design, we can "unschool" if you wish
  • personal homeschooling management from our London HQ
  • tutors to deliver a completely unique homeschooling experience to challenge, support, and develop your child's academic ability and potential
  • music tuition and extracurricular mentoring
  • exam registration and preparation
  • lifeskills and well-being tutoring
  • career advice and full university application assistance
  • cultural outings and one-off, exclusive on-site learning experiences (such as visits to the theatre and private art gallery viewings)
  • reading lists, required texts, further materials

We can homeschool for

  • the British school system curriculum at all ages
  • International school curiccula
  • IB
  • and many more, please ask us if you have something specific in mind