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Award-winning private tutoring and homeschooling services for the children of employees.
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"Jake is a bit shy but Sally was wonderful and really got him engaged and enthusiastic. He struggles with his English and she actually made him enjoy himself. Thank you!"
Claire, Parent, Employee Benefit Tutoring, Feb 2021

Staff perks that matter.

We provide your employees with world class private education services for their children

Minerva Tutors
  • Help staff's children catch up on work missed during Covid
  • Tutors available 7 days a week online or in person (where legal)
  • Children benefit from expert, motivational tutoring
  • Parents benefit from seeing their children thrive at school
  • Businesses benefit from a happy, revitalised workforce
  • All delivered by the UKs leading experts in private tutoring

If your employees' children were more confident and exam-ready, wouldn't that benefit them more than a gym membership or a new bicycle?

Relax. We're experts in education.

We help families in the UK and around the world with their private tutoring and homeschooling needs. We'd like to help your employees, too.

Minerva Tutors

Tutoring support clinics for employees

For our current business partners, we organise weekly or daily "tutoring support" drop in sessions, where your employees' children can talk to our tutors on Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet.

  • 1 hour, one-to-one personal support between child and tutor
  • Maths, English, or general tutoring support
  • We help children who are stuck, demotivated, or need general supervision
  • We help children to keep their performance up in class
  • We help children who need pushing to reach even higher levels
  • During Covid, we help children understand what they should do to get the best teacher-assessed grades for GCSE and A Levels
  • You (HR) control the times & number of hours available
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Minerva Tutors

Bespoke packages for businesses

Give your staff the ultimate perk by allowing us to take care of their children's private education entirely.

  • Pay for your employees tutoring with us, in full, or % of
  • Discount codes redeemable against any of our homeschooling or private tuition services
  • We can also offer your staff after hours tuition either for personal or professional development - e.g. Mandarin classes for your sales team at lunch or in the evening
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We work with world leaders.

Our partners range from startup to SME to corporate and are engaged in finance, recruitment, and insurance.

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"The sessions are fantastic and I like the structure of having them rolling on each week."
Edmund, Kea Bespoke Package, Dec 2020
"Blanca was amazing, she was supportive, patient and encouraging. It was a great session, and my son learnt some tips for his timetables."
Beazley parent, Homeschooling Support Clinic, Feb 2021
"Thanks for checking. The session went very well and Mike did some great maths work with Joshua. I will feedback to the organisers on the Beazley side to say it went well and we would be interested in doing more sessions if the opportunity was there."
Beazley parent, Homeschooling Support Clinic, Feb 2021
"She really enjoyed it and Blanca was great!"
Rob, Beazley parent, Homeschooling Support Clinic, Feb 2021
"Thanks for checking. The session went very well and Mike did some great maths work with Joshua. I will feedback to the organisers on the Beazley side to say it went well and we would be interested in doing more sessions if the opportunity was there."
Beazley parent, Homeschooling Support Clinic, Feb 2021

Small team, big impact.

Our tutors are hand-picked for their character, emotional intelligence, and confidence-building ability

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Highly trained

Safe & Vetted


Role Models

It's simple. We help kids succeed

Your employees are important to us. We can unlock their children's confidence and academic performance in just a few weeks.

“Confidence has flourished …
“It's been revelatory…
“Eye opening …
"Storming ahead now...
“HUGELY impressed …
"Incredibly happy...
"A lot of fun...
"Betty is also a wonderful role model..."
"Loving being challenged by the work...
"Temple is fabulous...
"An invaluable boost...
"Thrilled with Jack...
"I've been really impressed...
"Super friendly, professional and supportive team...
"Scott is an absolute star...
"Siobhan is just brilliant...
"Thank you so much for setting up this life-saving company."
Jade H, Guardian, 11 Plus
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Smart tech, smart progress.

Live reporting usage, monitor which employees are using what, right at your desk.

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They deserve success. Go for it.

Reward your staff in ways that meet the demands of the modern, ever-changing world.

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If you're looking for the best tutors in London, the UK, or around the world, our professional client care team are waiting to help.

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Tutoring. Marks above the rest.

Award-winning Employee Benefits in the UK and worldwide, run by experts, online or in person

Why Minerva?

A quick summary of why we're different...

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A Level.

Succeed with Minerva

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A big welcome.

Welcome to Minerva Tutors. We provide unrivalled (yes, unrivalled!) Employee Benefits, either online or in person, whether it's the AQA, OCR, Edexcel, or CIE examboard.

So, if you're stuck on cell biology or losing sleep over bioenergetics, fear not, we're here to help.

Unlike other “agencies”, our tutors are committed to tutoring full-time. Many have passed through our unique training programme, meaning they have the talent and the experience to guide your child to success.

Whatever you're looking for, whether its defogging trickier topics or pushing your child to reach their potential, we're here to help.

How it works.

To start with, your child will meet with your tutor, either in person or online (or both), according to a tuition plan worked out between you and your Minerva Education Support manager. Your tutor will then take charge of your child's goals and work from there. We'll check in every week or so to make sure you're happy with the progress that's being made and can answer any questions you may have.

A Level Physics tutor

Get access to Temple when you sign up with Minerva!

You’ll also get access to Temple, our purpose-built progress-tracking platform. Temple allows you to read your tutors lesson reports and view lots of useful graphs that, for example, show how your child's confidence has changed over time. It's all part of our larger goal to professionalise tutoring and help you see exactly how we're helping and where progress is being made.

It’s no surprise that finding great Employee Benefits can be a daunting challenge. A Levels are the most important exams students can take during their secondary education. They can be tricky in places, and rightly so. 

So, let Minerva take it from here. Our solution – full time, professional tutors, trained to motivate, encourage, and inspire your child to achieve the results they deserve - may seem oddly unusual in a market full of unvetted freelancers, but we have a hunch you won’t mind so much. 😉 

Sound too good to be true? We go into more detail about how we work in our about section. Otherwise, please check out recent feedback from parents and some of our (humbly-accepted) awards and cameos in the newspapers.

Alternatively, if you're just looking for some tips and advice about A Level or GCSE (in what has become a bit of a maelstrom of Google results...), our calming, resourceful Help Centre is the place for you.

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Above & beyond.

Beyond tutoring, we also provide a range of complimentary services, offering our expertise where we can.

Parent feedback.

"I think the reports from Agnes are that she is really appreciating the input from Virginia, they are getting on really well and Agnes feel much more confident with the subject matter. The lessons have been really well structured and from our side the reports have been really encouraging. We are thrilled Agnes enjoys them so much."
Marcus B, A Level PA
"Charlie’s sessions with Eve were really good - so good in fact that she got an A* for her Spanish A level!  An excellent investment!"
Jane S, A Level Parent
"Jenny is the perfect balance of freshness, youth and enthusiasm with professionalism and directness."
Miles, Chemistry A Level Parent

From our help centre.

Subjects & more.

Beyond Employee Benefits, we also provide help for the following subjects & levels.
If you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch. Sociology or Law A Level? No problem, we will be able to help.

Read Our Reviews.

"I've been SO impressed"
"Shocked at how well it's gone"

Meet Our Tutors.

If you would like to arrange tuition, an academic assessment, or a one-on-one consultancy with us, please get in touch with our expert team on + 44 (0) 208 819 3276 or visit our contact page.
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