Start Coding With Minerva.

A special summer 2021 course from the award winning private tuition & homeschooling company, Minerva Tutors.

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Calling all children who actually want to learn to code properly...

Minerva Tutors, the UK's leading provider of private homeschooling and tutoring services for children aged 5-18, is running special summer Start Coding courses for children who are serious about becoming a professional or hobbyist computer programmer. 

Our courses are suitable for pupils who are completely new to tutoring or have had tutoring in the past. 

Does your child have computer science classes at school but they don't involve enough practical coding hours? Has your child never coded before but you suspect they might have the natural skills to impress even in their young years?

Our tutors are trained and highly experienced in computer coding and can tailor their tutoring to fit your requirements. 

Minerva's Start Coding courses are 1-to-1 and completely bespoke to your child, and are accessible online or in person depending on where you live.

Even in just a week, our tutors will turn your child into a fully-confident Python programmer with the know-how to continue their learning on their own, and even start looking for work experience in software or web development.


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The Minerva Summer "Start Coding" Course

With so much change in the air, this summer is the ideal time for your child to finally learn to code like a pro. Our expert coding tutors have prepared a short, stimulating 6 day course designed to turn their pupils into tech wonderkids. Suitable for all ages!

On registering, you’ll be assigned one of our top coding tutors, with 1000s hours of experience, who will provide your child with 6 hours worth of completely personlised and structured coding tutoring.

Each course will be tailored entirely to your child's situation and skill level.

What's included

  • Basic intro computer programming 🤓
  • Algorithmic thinking 🕵️
  • Introduction to Python programming language 🖥️
  • Design your very first program or miniature web application 🤠
  • START CODING certificate 🎂
  • Progress reports after each lesson visible on our unique progress-tracking portal, Temple 🧗

    These courses are 1-to-1 and you can choose exactly when you would like them to start and how to divide the hours up. If your child already has experience with coding and would like a more advanced curriculum, please let us know in the Register Interest form and we will make it happen! 


    £460 / child
    Based on 6 hours split up according to your preferences 
    Online or In Person (if you are based in Greater London)
    10% sibling discount available

    How to Register

    Please use the Register Interest form below and one of our team will get back to you. For any other enquires not relating to this course, please use the contact form below this one.