Hiring a British tutor with if you live outside of the UK – Minerva Tutors

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hiring a british tutor when you live outside the uk

If you’ve found Minerva Tutors because you’re interested in hiring a British tutor to help with your children’s education but you don’t live in the UK and you’ve got questions about how we can help, this article is for you. Although we’re based in London, many of our highly-qualified, fully-trained tutors are currently at work in residential placements around the … Read More

What’s It Like To Tutor Abroad?

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Tutor Carrying Suitcase On A Beach

In this installment of ‘David Investigates…’ I’ll be looking at what it’s really like to tutor abroad. Live-in and international tutoring is on the rise, whether it’s a weekend away in the country, or a year living with a family in South Africa. Unsurprisingly, this offers a completely different challenge to tutors, and is incomparable to regular face-to-face tutoring and … Read More

The UKiset: How Does It Work?

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International parents looking at British schools will have heard a lot about the UKiset. But what exactly is it, and how does it work? What is the UKiset? In short, the UKiset is a single assessment test taken by international students, designed for entry into British curriculum schools – specifically in the independent sector. Launched in 2014, It tests English … Read More