Hiring a British tutor with if you live outside of the UK – Minerva Tutors

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hiring a british tutor when you live outside the uk

If you’ve found Minerva Tutors because you’re interested in hiring a British tutor to help with your children’s education but you don’t live in the UK and you’ve got questions about how we can help, this article is for you. Although we’re based in London, many of our highly-qualified, fully-trained tutors are currently at work in residential placements around the … Read More

5 Ways Lockdown Could Change Education – It’s Not Just About Online Homeschooling

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Online Tutoring And online homeschooling have changed since lockdown

The COVID-19 crisis has forced parents and experts to reevaluate the priorities of education. Some changes have been positive, including online homeschooling and technology developments, and could be here for good. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced radical changes in every facet of our lives—and education is no exception. What lessons is lockdown teaching us, and how might they alter the … Read More

COVID-19 And A Levels. What We Know So Far

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COVID-19 and A Levels: What We Know So Far Description: COVID-19 means A Level exams are cancelled. What does this mean for grades and university offers, and how can students stay positive during lockdown, especially with all this worry about Covid-19 and A levels? Standfirst: On 18 March 2020, the Government announced that UK schools and colleges—without exception—were to cancel … Read More

Tales Of Mischief – Roald Dahl Creative Writing Homeschooling Lesson

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Mischievous Creative Writing Lesson inspired by Roald Dahl

Writing MISCHIEVOUS STORIES with Kaiya INSPIRED BY ROALD DAHL Read the amazing mischievous passage from Roald Dahl’s Boy at the bottom of this page and spot all the ways he makes the story exciting and draws us in: similes and metaphors, vivid details and descriptions, dramatic use of exclamation points, leaving us on a cliffhanger at the end…these are all … Read More

Lesson 5: Build A Volcano And Watch It Erupt

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How to build a volcano

You can watch the video here but you’ll need the instructions written below so have both tabs open: Minerva Tutors TV What you’ll need to build your volcano– Cardboard (a cut open cereal box is ideal, a base with slight folded-up sides)– Plastic bottle (330ml up to 2l – the size and shape will dictate the proportions of your volcano!)– … Read More

Coronavirus is changing the way we educate and it’s eye-opening

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Minerva Tutors, the UK’s leading private tuition agency, reveals some fascinating insights about how coronavirus is affecting the way their tutors are teaching, and what ‘the new normal’ might mean for the world of education. The following advice is a summary of the minutes taken from a recent tutor training meeting, which included ten highly experienced online tutors. How to … Read More

Lesson 3: Write Your Own Autobiography

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Writing about yourself

Writing about yourself is a fantastic skill to learn. English tutor Kaiya has designed some simple exercises to help you improve. All you’ll need is a pen and paper, or computer. Send us in what you’ve come up with. Enjoy! Here are some exercises to help you to begin writing about yourself List three names you’re known by This could … Read More

Lesson 2: Make Your Own Liquid Armour

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Non-Newtonian fluids, how to make your own liquid armour or indestructible gloop from the comfort of your home and with every day items. Equipment Corn starch, about ¼ cup or 60cm3 Water, about ¼ cup of 60cm3 A bowl for mixing Newspaper Kitchen roll or something to wipe your hands with Method This is how you make your own liquid … Read More