The Big Minerva Academic Reset.

Specialist summer tuition course from the award winning private tuition & homeschooling company, Minerva Tutors.

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Calling all children who've suffered during the lockdowns...

Minerva Tutors, the UK's leading provider of private homeschooling and tutoring services for children aged 5-18, is running special Summer Academic Reset courses to help children fill the cracks in their learning due to the lockdowns.

Our courses are suitable for pupils who are completely new to tutoring or have had tutoring in the past. 

Has your child expressed concern about the school work they've done this year? Are you worried they might have have slipped behind, despite everything schools have done to make up for lost time?

Our tutors are trained and highly experienced in ALL subjects and age groups and can re-teach the entire curriculum if necessary.  

Need help with statistics in A Level Maths? How about going over the basics of moral philosophy for Religious Studies one last time? No matter your child's age, our tutors will find and iron out ANY academic weaknesses.

Courses are 1-to-1 and completely bespoke to your child, accessible online or in person depending on where you live.

Even in just a week, Minerva's Big Academic Reset course will help your child meet the challenges of the new school year with style, intelligence, and confidence


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The Big Minerva Academic Reset Course

Has the pandemic left your child worn out and lacking confidence in what they've learned at school this year?

Our brand new Academic Reset course has been specifically designed to freshen your child's perspective on learning and them back on track and where they need to be. 

On registering, you’ll be assigned one of our top Academic tutors, with 1000s hours of experience, who will provide your child with 6 hours worth of completely personalised and structured Academic tutoring in any subject or exam level.

We can also perform a completely impartial independent assessment of what they've learned over the last year so you can see exactly how they compare to their peers across the country.

What's included

  • 6 x 1 hour 1-on-1 Academic Tutoring classes 📖 
  • Initial chat with our Education Support team to discuss your child's strengths and weaknesses to create a course tailored to you
  • Expert Academic tutoring from our expert, full-time, and trained tutors who know exactly what it takes to get your child back to their best 🕵️
  • Exam technique & confidence building if required 🤠
  • Progress reports after each lesson visible on our unique progress-tracking portal, Temple (as standard with Minerva) 🖥️


  • 1 hour independent academic assessment of your child's current academic ability across all subjects they are studying for
  • Detailed 300 word assessment report 

    These courses are 1-to-1 and you can choose exactly when you would like them to start and how to divide the hours up. 

    Who should take the course?

    This course is suitable for any child aged 5-18 who has struggled with their school work this year. Our highly experienced and friendly tutors can help with very specific Academic areas, and they can re-teach entire parts of the syllabus if required. Their natural ability to inspire self-belief and confidence in their tutees is the main reason why our pupils do so well. We can also help gifted pupils who have done well this year stretch their potential even further by having a tutor push them to greater heights and introduce them to very advanced cross-subject topics that aren't taught in schools.

    Tuition available in all subjects including:

    • English / English Literature
    • Mathematics / Higher Mathematics
    • French / Spanish / German / Mandarin / Russian / Portuguese
    • Latin / Ancient Greek
    • Biology / Chemistry / Physics
    • Business Studies
    • Economics
    • History
    • Geography
    • IT / Computer Science
    • Religious Studies
    • History of Art
    • Drama theory
    • Design & Technology theory


    £460 / child
    6 hours of Standard Academic Reset tuition for any age or subject
    Online or In Person (if based in Greater London)


    £300 / child for Minerva's one-off academic assessment

    How to Register

    Please use the Register Interest form below and one of our team will get back to you. For any other enquires not relating to this course, please use the contact form below this one.