Introducing Minerva Global: the Most Elite Educational and Family Concierge Company in the World…

Published by Minerva Global on October 26, 2021
Do you, your employer or your family need world-class assistance to get where you’re going? Meet Minerva Global: the very best and most diverse, luxury service provider out there, for everything educational and family-oriented.

Hello. Nǐn hǎo, Zdravstvuyte, Ahlan, Salut. We’re Minerva Global. We understand what it’s like for families around the world who live fast-paced, dynamic and ambitious lifestyles, and we’re here to help you and your children to achieve what you need as seamlessly as possible.

For over 8 years now Minerva Global has been providing world-class, industry-leading educational, childcare, security and family concierge services all over the globe. We’re experts in private tuition, academic development and lifestyle support; what we specialise in is whatever our clients need. In other words: we’re here to help.

If you, your family or your employer requires anything from private tuition, chefs, chauffeurs or housekeepers to personal trainers or assistants, childcare or security, Minerva Global is the only organisation on the planet that offers such scope combined with such quality. 

Here, we want to introduce you to what we do, how we can help, and how it works. Sit back: your search is over. 

What is Minerva Global?

Minerva Global is a service provider and facilitator designed to work with individuals and families who require top-level service, offering world-class assistance across a diverse range of expertises. We specialise in educational support and achievement as well as family concierge services, childcare and personal assistance.

Minerva has been sending our industry-leading tutors on wordwise assignments for nearly a decade, ranging from month-long visits to year-long sojourns, in places as wide-ranging as Singapore and Bahrain. Minerva Global marks the re-launching of these services after the pandemic, and a new focus on the range of holistic child- and lifestyle care services that go alongside private tuition.

We are specialists in the UK school and university systems, and have helped a great number of families living outside the UK to gain entrance at the top private schools and unis in the country.

People come to us for a range of services. Some families are looking for private tuition to help their children achieve the best exam results or get into the world’s top universities. Some are looking for a trusted company to take the reins managing their busy and high-functioning lifestyles, offering holistic support and administration, from travel management to cyber security and property brokerage. Some need knowledgeable, expert help with a fast-paced family life, and come to us for schooling, childcare and everything in between.

A family-run business at heart, Minerva Global knows what it means to want the best – and want to know that you’ve got the best. With roots in elite private tuition services for high-achievers that eventually took our educational services global via our very own online school, Minerva Academy, Minerva is a dynamic, industry-leading company who’ve repeatedly hit the press due to our successes in education and holistic achievement focussed around the individual. We recruit the best teachers, assistants and administrators and train them rigorously in our dynamic, rigorous standards. At heart, Minerva Global is a family company, run by family, for those who need a simple solution to a complex lifestyle. 

How We Can Help

Minerva Global’s range of services is diverse, unified by its commitment to world-leading quality. We have years of expertise leading the field in private tuition, academic mentorship and provision for the UK school and university systems. We are partnered with an elite collection of businesses to provide services for both family and individual concierge: please see here for a full list of how we can help you.

Our work expands to meet the needs of any service benefitting the health, happiness and academic or professional ability of children and adults anywhere in the world. 

Let’s start with the basics: we can help with world class educational assistance, from private tuition and full-scale homeschooling to school advice and university preparation.

Does your child need a top-level tutor for a week’s worth of intensive revision? A month’s worth of specialist training in a syllabus or non-syllabus subject? A year’s worth of schooling, travelling alongside them wherever they go? We have flown our elite fleet of tutors around the world, providing educational support and mentorship wherever it’s needed.

We also go beyond immediate educational needs to support our clients’ sophisticated lifestyle requirements, offering everything from luxury travel to expert private security personnel. These services provide for both adults and children, for whom we employ a range of nannies, mentors, life coaches and Special Educational assistants.

In short, Minerva Global is a one-stop shop for personal and familial assistance, wherever you live in the world. Our ability to provide, source and organise a holistic, comprehensive and integrated range of services means a good degree of stress and complication is cut out of our clients’ hiring process.

Who We Can Help

Are you a family that travels regularly for work? Do you yourself work for someone who requires regular and varied services to support their high-level lifestyle? Are you aiming to get your child into a top University overseas? Are you based outside the UK and need a high-class tutor or nanny to live alongside you, offering holistic academic or childcare support? Do you have children who’d benefit from a professional homeschooling programme over regular education, for any number of reasons?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, we can help. Check here for further examples and case studies to get some inspiration and explore the full range of lifestyles and ambitions Minerva Global has assisted with.

Our clients have included Royal and High Net worth families, ex-pats, celebrities in various fields and families looking to shake things up, travel, relocate and thrive outside of traditional restrictive structures. We’ve worked with people around the world, from Saudi Arabia and China to France, Italy and Monaco. 

We pride ourselves on being an expedient resource for personal assistants who have been tasked with finding travel, security, property, health, wellbeing and lifestyle services for employers requiring the highest possible quality.

Start Your Journey with Minerva Global

To find out more about exactly how Minerva Global can help you, or to get in touch and register a request to begin your journey – whether its educational, travel or otherwise – simply let us know where you’re based, what you’re after, and whether there’s anything we should know in order to offer the kind of quality bespoke service we pride ourselves on. 

You can do all this easily using our form. We look forward to hearing from you.