Why the Sports Stars of Tomorrow Homeschool With Minerva

June 9, 2021 by Minerva Tutors,


For children who show signs of sporting and other exceptional talents from a young age, private tuition and homeschooling can help them on their path to success whilst also ensuring fantastic academic results and qualifications.

In this blog we’ll look at what justifies this kind of all-round, intensive tuition, examining why the most expensive homeschooling equals the best homeschooling, and why this kind of education is the best way forward for the stars of tomorrow.

What is Homeschooling?

Quite often, homeschooling conjures the image of a child transplanted from school to living room, forced to carry out exactly the same kinds of dreary schoolwork without the social aspect that traditional schooling offers. 

Thankfully, over the last ten years, homeschooling facilities and methodologies have changed dramatically, specifically to avoid exactly those kinds of pitfalls. 

At its most basic, homeschooling means providing your child with the same rigorous and recognised level of education as they’d get at a private or state school, with the advantage of infinitely more one-to-one time and the fact they’ll be learning from a carefully curated and totally bespoke curriculum. 

…and what is Homeschooling with Minerva?

At Minerva, the price reflects what you get: we take homeschooling further, ensuring each child is uniquely tailored for and that whatever they’re learning is explored in more depth, with more room for curiosity and individuality and with more holistic, real-world implications than the kind of purely grade-oriented teaching you might get at school. 

We help with every aspect of a child’s education, from timetable management to exam registration and unique field-trips or on-site lessons, whilst also offering extra-curricular mentoring to make sure that your child is able to feel like learning isn’t just an obligation or a chore.

This is all important because, all too often, the desire to learn and to explore the world around us is often supplanted in a child’s mind by the feeling of being forced to do so, and therefore they struggle to connect why what they’re learning in the classroom is relevant for real life at all. 

When you start homeschooling, you realise that learning is not just something confined to the classroom and the exam hall, but a rich, joyful and self-developing character trait that’ll stick with you and influence the way you see the world for the rest of your life. In short, homeschooling isn’t just about what you learn, but how and why you learn, too, and that’s something that never gets old.

Why is Homeschooling Worth It?

What you’re getting with a Minerva homeschooling programme is the very best that money can buy when it comes to your child’s education: a tutor, or tutors, who are professionally trained, academically expert, vetted, chosen and assigned thanks to their mentoring and all-round inspirational capabilities.

Minerva tutors are not just ‘super’ tutors, and they are more than ‘elite’: both these terms tend to signify people who are out to make as much money as possible by ‘guaranteeing’ certain levels of success.

Whilst we understand that a form of guarantee is necessary when you’re paying for a service, we find that we tend to get the best results by incorporating a more holistic approach to learning, so that it’s not just all about exams. (This, ironically, tends to produce better grades, and less nervous breakdowns!)

So the expense, here, equals care, a unique approach and an all-round mentor – not just a draconian postgrad drilling your child like they were an army candidate. 

We offer a premium service – often a factor of necessity for families who regularly move around the world – by supplying a tutor to travel and offer holistic care and responsibility for a child’s welfare, as well as their education. We’re talking mentoring, confidence-building, constructive listening and a good mate, all on top of academic progress and instruction.

The tutors we’ll supply you with are all highly-qualified academically, often with MA-level diplomas, and who are holding down salaries equivalent to the best jobs in their relevant specialities: these are the people that’ve chosen to inspire the next generation and are fuelled by a passion to teach over anything else. 

Why Homeschooling Works So Well for People Headed to the Top

If your child’s going to be a future soloist at the Philharmonic, or the next Roger Federer, traditional schooling will most likely be holding them back. Homeschooling, though the most expensive option, offers a completely bespoke and customised way of schooling your kid, tailored to fit entirely around their training, practice and down-time.

For kids whose parents are often on the move due to their work, or equally for kids who are on the move themselves, homeschooling is the perfect way to maintain a sense of routine and focus on education whilst adapting fluidly and flexibly to the day-to-day strictures and opportunities of a live lived on the go. 

We understand exactly what it’s like to have work in a balanced education around a fast-paced and already intensive lifestyle, and we’re experts in tailoring timetables and plans to every new individual based around their specific and unique needs. This, after all, is exactly why homeschooling is the best way forward for families that are more than ordinary. 

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