5 Interhigh Alternatives You Need To Know About

December 29, 2020 by Minerva Tutors,

With schools up and down the country struggling to adapt to the latest government guidelines, it’s no surprise that online schools like Interhigh are becoming popular. In this post, we round up the 5 best Interhigh alternatives to help parents make the best decisions for their children.

Why Are Online Schools Important?

In principle, an “online school” is the perfect solution: pandemic-proof, “always open”, with affordable fees, quality independent school teaching, scalable class sizes, and the potential to offer a revolutionary curriculum that’s fit for the 21st century. These newer-style institutions, like Interhigh, really do help children who have been let down by traditional schools (e.g. those who are struggling with anxiety or social phobia). They’re attractive to parents who struggle to homeschool their children themselves and also to families who aren’t based in one place – unlike normal school, you can be anywhere in the world and learn at an online school. 

1. Minerva’s Virtual Academy

Interhigh alternatives
Minerva’s Virtual Academy has a simple, engaging homepage with a video introduction from the Principal

We may be a bit biased, given they’re our sister company, but Minerva’s Virtual Academy is certainly the newest and most impressive online school available to parents in the UK and around the world.

The school currently offers year 9 and 10 pupils the chance to study for their iGCSEs in an entirely online setting. Pupils learn via a ground-breaking virtual learning platform and are assigned an inspirational personal mentor to help them develop and progress. Pupils also join other pupils in group subject classes, collaborate with new friends on exciting extra-curricular projects, attend weekly virtual assemblies, and enjoy after school clubs like Art or Film Production.

The school is run by an ex-Head of Department from Wycombe Abbey, Lawrence Tubb, and even has a school motto: ‘Vigemus Uma’ – Together We Thrive. What’s more, as they are affiliated with us – the UK’s top homeschooling and private tuition agency – parents, you can choose to supplement your child’s learning with extra lessons (i.e. Mandarin or coding) to make for a really thrilling, bespoke education. 

2. Interhigh

Interhigh alternatives

It wouldn’t be right to compile a list of Interhigh alternatives without including the school itself. Interhigh, the first online school in the UK, opened its doors in 2005 and describes itself as ‘a complete interactive Primary School, Secondary School and Sixth Form College’. It offers all the usual benefits of a good online school – a range of clubs and societies and even has their own social platform. In our investigations, we discovered that the leadership team aren’t as inspirational as we’d hoped, and that the classes are more like lectures. Having said that, they’ve certainly got the pedigree of being around for over a decade.

3. Harrow Online School

Interhigh alternatives

Harrow School is one of the oldest and most prestigious public schools in the county. They have recently launched an online version, which they claim is ‘a new kind of school founded on the educational philosophy, practices and traditions of Harrow School, and delivered by Pearson to pupils all over the world through an online platform’. Harrow have partnered with Pearson to help deliver the e-learning side of their school – meaning it’s not bespoke – and the fees are certainly the highest in our roundup, coming in at an eye-watering £15,000 a year. 

4. Wolsey Hall Oxford

Another one of our Interhigh alternatives is Wolsey Hall Oxford who began offering iGCSE courses online in 2010. Wolsey Hall positions itself as a ‘homeschooling college’ and sells its courses individually per subject, rather than charging a yearly fee. The institution does employ tutors to offer mentoring and learning support, like Minerva’s Virtual Academy, and like the Academy, teaches students who live all round the world.

5. Oxford Homeschooling

Oxford Homeschooling is the sister company of Oxford Open Learning, who are specialists in adult learning, and are based in Oxford, UK. They provide their own course materials, and, like the others on this list, they enable children to educate themselves at home. Similar to Harrow Online, they have a fairly lengthy application process, and charge per subject, rather than per term. 

So that’s it, a roundup of the best online schools and Interhigh alternatives for your child in 2020. Please let us know if you have any feedback on the schools above, and we’ll add it to this post.

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