How to Hire a Tutor during COVID-19: A Guide for GCSE and A-Level Parents

November 25, 2020 by Minerva Tutors,

A practical guide for parents considering a GCSE / A-Level tutor in the wake of COVID-19 and the second lockdown.

It’s fair to say that education as we know it has changed forever. In the wake of COVID-19, more and more parents are turning to reputable and safe online learning environments to ensure their children don’t fall behind. With a second national lockdown well underway, there’s an all-too-real possibility of additional restrictions to UK schools which could set back your child’s education.

This is a troubling scenario for a student’s educational development, but it is particularly worrying for students studying for their GCSE and A-Level examinations. 

Trained and vetted online tutors are becoming an increasingly popular solution to the upheaval. A good online homeschooling tutor will craft a series of lesson syllabuses fizzing with engaging, interactive, and inspirational material to help your child thrive in these challenging times. 

At Minerva Tutors we can prepare full term and academic year curriculum replacements. Our newly launched Virtual Academy is now enrolling for years 9-10. It’s the ideal solution for a continuous British Curriculum study programme that your child can follow from the safety and comfort of home. 

This is just one of several online tutoring options for your child. Read on for insights as to how to support your child at this important moment in their academic journey.

How to hire a GCSE / A-Level tutor during the pandemic

Hiring an online GCSE / A-Level online tutor isn’t a decision you should take lightly, especially during these challenging times.

Many service providers offer tutors that simply aren’t on par with what they promise, and instead mislead parents into paying significant hourly rates with little to show for it down the line.

On the flipside, you can find tutoring services that are results-focused, run by teams and individuals who are passionate about guiding your child towards securing the GCSE / A-Level exam results that they capable of. 

Here are some of the indications that you’ve found the right tutoring company – especially useful to consider during the pandemic when you and your child will most likely be working with your online tutor remotely.

The best tutors use innovative technology 

Making the best use of digital tools to support your child’s learning is essential; especially now when it is often not possible to meet face to face. Academic progress reports and lesson plans can be digitised to keep parents in the loop regarding their child’s progress.

And interactive whiteboards and communication tools give your child and their tutors the opportunity to strike up a close bond.

The best tutors offer a holistic approach to learning

Whether through group classes or excursions, the best tutors focus on your child’s wellbeing to help mould the whole person, rather than just an academic individual. 

It’s worth remembering that your child is experiencing a lot of upheaval at the moment – perhaps even more than yourself — it’s important to recognise this. Look for a tutoring company that’s committed to supporting your child through this.

A good tutor will build your child’s confidence and lift their passion for learning to new heights. Confidence building is the cornerstone to an effective tutor and a child reaching their potential.

The best tutors have fantastic reviews

When researching a product or service, reading great reviews for a company is always a great first impression.

A company with a range of positive reviews on their website or Google Reviews demonstrates that their service is appreciated by their customers. It’s no different in the world of tutoring. 

Reading reviews will allow you to gauge whether a tutoring organisation offers the right approach for your child, see the successes other families have enjoyed and even identify a specific tutor you’d like your child to work with.

Why online tutoring? 

We’ve explained that online tutoring is fast becoming the go-to resource for parents. But in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, online tutoring is becoming less a trend, and more a necessity.

If you’re hiring a GCSE or A-Level tutor this year, it can help to know what to expect from online tutoring. There are a lot of benefits, here are just a few.

  1. Flexible teaching arrangements

The role of a tutor has changed dramatically. Whilst we do offer traditional one-on-one classes with our clients, other approaches through our range of online tutoring services can sometimes be more convenient amid the current crisis. 

  1. A fun and interactive teaching approach 

Our online tutors will help your child tackle tricky maths equations, overcome intimidating chemistry formulas, and interpret some of literature’s most esoteric passages in a series of stimulating and interactive online tutorials.

In the digital age attention spans are lower than ever. So low, in fact, that human beings have a weaker attention span than the humble goldfish. YouTube. Video games. Instagram. These games, websites, and apps are specifically designed to steal our attention.

For children growing up with this, the mere act of doing anything other than engaging with their screen can be a mental test for even the most academically gifted of students (and adults!).

That’s why Minerva teamed up with…

  1. Bramble: No ordinary classroom

Our online tutoring platforms provide a ton of stimulating resources for your child to fall back on and keep them motivated without being overbearing and time-consuming.

One of our go-to platforms is Bramble. From talking and sharing, to sketching and storytelling, Bramble’s interactive, state of the art AI-supported features mean an updated approach to teaching GCSE and A-Level topics that ensures complex topics are fun, engaging, and eye-opening.

  1. Value for money

With packages starting from just £245, your child will immediately benefit from a range of brilliant teachers and learning techniques.

From greater technology and round the clock guidance and support, working remotely has brought a whole new level of possibilities to tutoring.

  1. Teaching with 2021’s GCSE and A-level examination systems in mind

At Minerva, we are making it our mission to adapt to this new climate of education, and are well aware that a new examination system could be unfolding in front of our very eyes. 

In light of this, all our tutors will direct their teachings with this in mind to ensure students follow the curriculum and attain the academic level they are capable of. Whether it’s online examinations, in-class performance, or traditional testing, our tutors are prepared for all outcomes.

Results driven online tutoring designed for today’s challenges

Founded in 2014, Minerva’s unique and innovative approach to traditional and online tutoring has already made us one of the UK’s fastest-growing education companies. 

And we have the results to back it up. Ninety-five per cent of our pupils have either met our outlined goals or surpassed them. In 2019, it was 100 per cent.

Minerva tutors are now leading the way in offering a new kind of education in a new era of education.

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Concerned for your child’s education? 

If you are concerned your child’s education will face further disruption in the 2020/2021 academic year, our Virtual Academy might be just what you’re looking for. Currently enrolling Years 9 and 10, we can take your child through to GCSE examination success and then progress to A-Level if you so wish. Our Virtual Academy allows pupils to study the British Curriculum from the comfort and safety of home. 

Pupils study a mixture of group and self-study modules, and even take exams. In short the Minerva Virtual Academy ensures your child’s education is not compromised in these challenging times. 

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Minerva Tutors are industry-leaders when it comes to building your child’s confidence and surpassing their current capabilities.

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