What Is a Homeschooling Support Tutor and How Can They Help?

October 20, 2020 by Minerva Tutors,

With more and more parents turning to homeschooling, a “Support Tutor” could be just the solution to educate your child at home without breaking the bank

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Post-COVID, homeschooling is less the preserve of privilege but a widely spoken about service.

In fact, many parents won’t have even considered a tutor until faced with the challenges of the past nine months. Now, many are turning to online homeschooling in the UK for the first time – and finding it more accessible than they ever imagined.

Tutoring can unlock more than just good grades for your child. Our tutors don’t only want to boost a child’s learning, but to improve it tenfold

At the same time, we believe all children and parents should have access to affordable after-school education without bank-breaking cheques getting in the way. 

That’s where our Homeschool Support Tutors come in.

What is a Homeschool Support Tutor?

Traditional homeschooling tutors typically work with children who have left school early or have been withdrawn from mainstream education by their parents. 

A good homeschool tutor, on the other hand, is more than just a teacher or instructor.

A homeschool tutor will offer sage counsel and knowledge to parents so they can establish the best possible after-school curriculum for their child. 

This way, parents become less a nagging head and more an inspiring blend of motivator, mentor, and academic life coach.

Unlike the more costly options of a homeschool tutor or traditional after-school tutor, a homeschool support tutor incorporates the core essence of both into a more affordable package with significantly reduced time commitments. 

The most popular support tutor package with Minerva is just an hour a week, during which time your tutor will work with you to: 

Create the best framework for exam success (and beyond)

In many cases, educational exams are a series of hurdles that require a lot of jumping over. 

Though we believe education should be taught rather than instructed, we’re also realists who want only the best for your child. 

To ensure this, our support package will:

  • Offer industry-advice and guidance on which exam boards accept private candidates for the relevant subjects
  • Share resources with you such as course specifications, marking schemes, and textbooks
  • Help prepare your child to sit exams and conduct mock exams and tests

Homeschool support tutors will also help:

  • Organise exam registration with our administration staff in the Minerva office
  • Hire additional tutors to help your child should you be struggling with the package
  • Help bring on board a foreign language tutor if you’d like your child to learn a new language
  • Suggest an outside reading list for your child
  • Suggest outings and educational trips relevant to their education (some of which can be led by our very own team of tutors)
  • Help your child with careers advice 
  • Offer expert advice on personal statements for university courses

Focusing on the now, building for the future

Amidst a growing malaise of further disruption to both syllabuses and term times, our homeschool support tutors will help your child stay on top of their education and maximise their learning potential. 

Homeschool support tutors focus on working with parents to grow students’ confidence and help them in all aspects of their educational and professional lives – be it an important admissions interview to an elite university or a group presentation in their first serious graduate position.

Each online tutor is chosen not only for their remarkable intellectual capabilities but their human abilities to listen and show compassion. By doing this, we ensure all our tutors are great educators as opposed to just great minds. Once a child’s curiosity and genuine interest are piqued, truly great things can happen. 

Essentially, a homeschool support tutor acts as a foundation for parents to enjoy a productive, happy, and more stimulating homeschooling experience with their child – minus the spiralling costs of more traditional tutors.

Homeschooling Support Package

Our unique Homeschooling Support package starts from just £215/month. 

We’ve designed this package to cater to today’s uncertain times. It’s there to support your child and you through whatever comes next.

For us success isn’t just about improving grades, it’s about improving confidence, removing the fear of raising a hand, and combating the shyness and embarrassment some children feel which prevents them from asking questions. 

By purchasing our Homeschooling Support package, your child will develop a sounder understanding of what they are being taught in schools in digestible hourly sessions tailored to their learning habits.

Find out more about homeschooling online with Minerva Tutors

Why Minerva?

US Founding Father Benjamin Franklin once said of education: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” 

He wasn’t wrong. 

Education isn’t only a passport to a greater understanding of academic subjects. Done correctly, education can unlock new ideas, broaden horizons, and lead to a more rounded understanding of the human condition. 

Our tutoring taps into the very essence of Franklin’s philosophy – and never more so in uncertain times as these.

From our cutting-edge teaching methods to our strategic and effective timetabling, our training system gives our tutors the tools they need to foster strong parent and student ties that stand the test of time. 

And when it comes to building your child’s confidence and surpassing their current capabilities, we have the results to back it up:

95 per cent of our pupils have either met our outlined goals or surpassed them. In 2019, it was 100 per cent.

Can I book a homeschool support tutor today?

Getting in touch with Minerva Tutors is as easy as pie. Simply fill in our contact form, or email us at hello@minervatutors.com.

Alternatively, you can call or message us on +44 (0) 2088 193 276. Additional information can also be found on our website.

Our tutors are handpicked from across the country, ensuring your time with us isn’t only amutual exchange; but an investment in your child’s future.

Meet Our New Online School!

If you’re thinking of schooling your child at home, then our brand new, thriving online school could be the perfect solution.

  • All lessons and learning material supplied
  • Group lessons with other pupils
  • 1-2-1 mentoring
  • Suitable for pupils in Years 9 & 10 (GCSE)
  • Free trial period available
  • Rolling monthly payments, cancel anytime

All you need is a computer with an active internet connection, and we’ll do the rest. Visit Minerva’s Virtual Academy now to register for an immediate start!

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