6 Best Revision Apps For GCSE And A Level

March 29, 2017 by Minerva Tutors,

The Easter term is coming to an end and, if all goes to plan, thousands of students will be spending the next few weeks revising hard for their upcoming exams. We’ve already looked at ways parents and students can avoid exam stress, and how to keep revision effective. This week, we’re looking at some of the best revision apps for students.

Revision apps may be unfamiliar territory to many parents, but for phone-obsessed teenagers, they can provide another outlet for effective revision. They allow teenagers to take control of their learning, use a medium they’re comfortable with and even work on the go.

But which ones work best?


Gojimo – FREE

Gojimo is the UK’s most popular revision app, with 28 GCSE subjects and 20 A Level subjects, on a variety of different exam boards. You can download quizzes, track progress and it gives you free access to 65,000 practice questions, many with detailed model answers provided.

They even have 11 plus and 13 plus too!


StudyBlue – Free (basic version)

An awesome app for visual learners, Studyblue lets you create and organise your own online flashcards for any subject you like. You can add images, audio and advanced text features. If you upgrade to the premium version, you get unlimited access to StudyBlue’s online library, with 350 million pre-existing study materials for an endless variety of subjects.


Revision App£10/month, £20/3 month

The aptly named Revision App is incredibly popular with GCSE students, giving unlimited access to 20,000 past papers from the last seven years, in all the core subjects across several exam boards (including R.S., P.E., Computer science and business studies). The app is designed by teachers, and has over 400 video lessons available for students to cover material they may not have understood in class.


Imindmap – Free (trial)

Making mind maps is proven to boost your productivity, creativity and memory, and is a highly effective revision tool, especially for visual learners. It can be more fun than simply copying out notes, and the visual links between words and topics helps recall. The app allows keywords, colour-coding, branches and images, to help you organise a pay of dry notes into a lively, colourful mind map!


Tomato TimerFree

They don’t get much simpler than Tomato Timer or, for what it does, more effective. Tomato Timer breaks up your revision into 25 minute chunks, always keeping it manageable, while optimising concentration. You can choose shorter or longer breaks, while ensuring there won’t be endless hours spent staring at a screen while nothing actually goes in.


SelfControlFree (only for Mac)

While not a ‘revision’ app as such, SelfControl could nonetheless be the app that does the most to encourage effective revision. How? By temporarily blocking access to other websites. If your revision consists of 5 minutes work, 20 minutes scrolling mindlessly through your newsfeed, Twitter, Instagram or checking the news/sport, that is not ‘effective revision.’  Don’t worry if you’re not on Mac! StayFocusd and Cold Turkey do exactly the same thing, but work across all operating systems.


If revision apps won’t quite cut the mustard and you need some extra revision help, don’t hesitate to contact the Temple of Minerva on 0208 819 3276. We can provide expert tutors in all GCSE and A Level subjects, for one-to-one sessions or small group tuition.


By David Bard


David is a Minerva Pro Tutor who specialises in humanities subjects at A Level and is a trained expert in the 7 + and 11 + exams. Outside of tutoring, David writes blogs about everything that’s trending in education.

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