Why Now Is the Time to Learn Coding

January 13, 2017 by Minerva Tutors,

In 2016, the influence of computer technology could not have been more significant. From social media bots and the epidemic of fake news to Virtual Reality and driverless cars, technology has never been more integral to how we live. What is at the base of all of this? Coding. Working with a coding tutor opens up an enormous number of doors, and can create opportunities you hadn’t even considered. It is an indispensable skill in a volatile jobs market, so 2017 is the time to learn coding!

It is now increasingly common for coding and computer programming to be taught in schools, instead of conventional IT, and more and more employers are looking for applicants who have a grasp of at least the basics of coding. In a world and job market where tech skills and ‘soft skills’ are at a premium, and almost everything else can be learnt on the job, there has never been a better time to learn coding.

What is coding?

Coding is the instructions given on computers in the form of symbols and letters in order to perform a particular task. This includes the process by which we can create computer software, apps and websites.

At its simplest, it can be incredibly straightforward and graspable to even the least technologically-inclined mind. At its most complicated, it can be used to write highly sophisticated, multi-layered programmes with many functions that respond to complex algorithms.


Why is it important?

It is virtually impossible at this point to run a successful company without at least one person who is competent at coding. It is already mandatory for a lot of professions, with requests rising exponentially in many sectors. Every successful business needs a website – and if the website doesn’t look slick, you can’t realistically hope to attract customers. Whether you want to start a business, become a career coder (a field where demand currently far outstrips supply), or build a personal blog/portfolio online, coding is a vital skill, and one that is transferable to any field that uses computers (so…any field).

Even if you don’t see yourself as a ‘techie’ person, you will still need to be able to deal with technology on a regular basis, and it’s infinitely better to be able to take control of the situation yourself, rather than always be asking that one indispensable techie friend for help… instead, you could BE that one indispensable techie friend.


Why learn now?

Coding is currently taught in some schools, but by no means a majority, although it tends to be those that are ahead of the curve. In many ways, it is as valuable as learning a foreign language, except this is a language that is spoken globally, and so knowing it can help take you wherever you may want to go. Like it or not, computer technology and coding is undeniably the language of the future, and those who don’t speak it are more likely to struggle and get left behind.

In a few years, it is likely to be mandatory in schools (at least in the most ambitious schools) and demanded for many jobs: those who learn it now will be the best prepared for this future, and not playing catch up.


How can it be taught?

Because coding is a computer language, we have found that it can be very successfully taught online, as well as tutored in person. The benefits of online include flexible timing, some fantastic online teaching resources, and greater independence for the student.

Thomas, one of Minerva’s expert coding tutors, says: ‘I have had students that responded really well to online tuition whereas others needed for me to be next to them in order to help them understand particular concepts.’

Thomas with a pupil


There are also some brilliant programmes online where kids (and adults) can teach themselves coding, from the basics up.  


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By David Bard


David is a Minerva Pro Tutor who specialises in humanities subjects at A Level and is a trained expert in the 7 + and 11 + exams. Outside of tutoring, David writes blogs about everything that’s trending in education.

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