6 Best Educational Apps for Kids

December 16, 2016 by Minerva Tutors,
Christmas is near, and for many, that means family time at home, and the strong likelihood of presents. Kids all over the country may be gleefully unwrapping a brand new tablet in just over a week’s time, but how to make the most of it? We have researched and collated six of the best educational apps for kids, to help keep their minds sharp over the holidays (while giving parents a few precious minutes of peace and quiet, safe in the knowledge the little ones are still learning!)


  1. Draw Something (Free, although there is a paid ad-free pro version)

This highly-addictive pictionary-style game is great for keeping more than one child at a time entertained. Each player is given three words to draw, ranked by difficulty, for the other player(s) to guess. Players can win coins, to purchase more drawing colours, which can also be done through in-app purchases. Also not just for kids, great for families, and great for developing creative skills!


  1. Math Motion: Cupcake ($5.99)

It can be hard to get some kids excited about maths – impossible, even. However, if they’re running a cupcake business, taking orders, working out costs and paying back loans, some will be more enthused! Helps with addition and multiplication, not to mention the intricacies of running a business – perfect for budding cooks and entrepreneurs.


  1. Up (£0.79)


A simple, effective and highly motivating maths app focused on addition and subtraction for early years learners. You can choose an avatar, or use your own photo, pick a challenge and compete against your own personal records – or against others!


  1. SkyView (Free)

A brilliant app bringing the expanse of the visible galaxy onto your handheld device. Simply head outside and point your phone or tablet at the sky and view all the names of stars, constellations, satellites, and planets, all superimposed with augmented reality. A real eye opener!


  1. TED (Free)

Inspiring talks for people of all ages, from young kids to teenagers and even parents! Great to watch together, or to leave with your kids to discover on their own. Whether it’s education, business, entertainment, art, music or technology, there’s thousands of talks, and something for everyone.

  1. Winky Think Logic Puzzles ($2.99)

This popular app consists of logic puzzles, with questions ranging from those that are straightforward, even for young children, to those that are likely to challenge many adults. With 180 logic puzzles over three difficulty levels there’s plenty to be getting on with! A great app for problem-solving, especially for those who may be approaching a dreaded non-verbal reasoning paper.

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