Interview With Emily – Our Expert 7+ Tutor

October 7, 2016 by Minerva Tutors,

This is Emily, our 7+ expert and entrance exam specialist. She has over 5 years tutoring experience, and has helped countless students get into great schools.

This is Emily, our 7+ expert and entrance exam specialist. She has over 5 years tutoring experience, and has helped countless students get into great schools. 

Our approach to 7 plus

Before diving straight into our conversation with Emily we wanted to give parents some context on our approach to the 7 Plus

Our founding ethos was to create an agency that was different from the rest. This is why all our tutors are full-time, and fully dedicated to the valuable vocation of personal tutoring.

Our professional tutors are comprehensively trained and experienced in the 7 Plus syllabus. With our bespoke tutoring sessions and learning programmes, we’re able to coach children to prestigious schools.

We’re fully conversant with any school or entry system, and we’ve recently achieved successful applications to Westminster Under School, King’s College Juniors and City of London Girls.

Read more about how we prepare students for the 7 plus in our interview with Emily.

Hey Emily!

A lot of schools discourage tuition for the 7+, and the exams are supposedly designed to be ‘tutor-proof’ – what do you think about that?

What does tutor-proof even mean! Wouldn’t that also be the same as teacher-proof? I think sometimes schools have a very negative view of what tutors do. In terms of the 7+, the core skills required don’t change, no matter how unpredictable the questions are supposed to be. So as long as those skills are fully developed through tutoring – or teaching – the 7+ shouldn’t end up being too much trouble at all.

How have your 7+ students responded to your help?

My students have become more able to cope with the unknown and happier to have a go at harder questions. They’ve also become better motivated to solve problems and more able to develop strategies for the types of question they will encounter.

Which part of the tests (maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning) would you say most students struggle with?

Most students will say that maths and nonverbal reasoning are the hardest parts, but I also find that English can let students down if they don’t learn to read the questions correctly. There is a tendency sometimes to think that the English is easier, so it gets a little bit rushed, and maybe isn’t given the attention it requires.

Do you think the 7+ is too much pressure for such young children?

I think the pressure of the exam is entirely up to the parents. Some parents present it as no big deal for their child, and are quite relaxed about the process, while some really do send their children into a bit of a panic! At 7, children aren’t too worried about exams, but they will usually reflect their parents’ worries.

What are the best ways parents can help their kids prepare for the 7+?

Encourage a love of learning and curiosity. Read a wide range of books – read out loud to your children, or have them listen to audio books. Reading will improve their English *and* their maths, as well as their problem solving skills. so I’d definitely recommend it! And don’t make them anxious!

Would you rather have legs for arms or arms for legs? And why?

Arms for legs – who wouldn’t want to be able to hold four pieces of stationery all at once – the dream!

Thanks Emily!

A grade reviews:

“Happy with Emily is working out well, we’re thrilled. Minerva was the third agency we looked at, and hit the nail on the head for me – didn’t want to push my son too much and is now seeing fantastic benefits.”

Ellora C, 7+ Parent

“Isabella got a place at Notting Hill! Many thanks for your help!”

Rachel R, 7+ parent

“Max achieved a place at Dulwich Prep all thanks to your marvellous tutors.”

Rachel S, 7+ Parent

By David Bard


David specialises in humanities subjects at A Level and is a trained expert in the 7 + and 11 + exams. Outside of tutoring, David writes blogs about creative writing and everything that’s trending in education.

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