De-Stressing the 7+ and 11+ Exams

September 23, 2016 by Minerva Tutors,

How can you help prepare your children for the 7+ and 11+?

In January, children across the UK – despite being ‘children’ in every sense of the word – will be taking the stressful, important and high-pressure 7+ and 11+ exams that will shape the future of their education.

For both 7 and 11 year-olds, this is a very young age to be under so much pressure.

However fair, equal, or ‘tutor-proof’ these exams may be, there will always be certain students with an advantage. All research suggests that older pupils – born in September/October – will naturally do better than their younger counterparts, that girls are better equipped to focus and buckle down at this age than boys, and that certain schools better prepare students.

Schools will always try and do their best by their students, but the truth is that teachers are under huge amounts of pressure, and will often be unable to provide extra help for struggling individuals. If there’s one part of a syllabus your child is struggling with, that can demotivate them and bring down their overall scores, making it harder to get into their preferred schools.

At Minerva we have expert 7+ and 11+ tutors who can help de-stress the preparation process and identify the areas that need work, so your children can feel confident going into these crucial exams. Our tutors always put an emphasis on fun, confidence and motivation, rather than explicit exam preparation: we aim to prepare children for the future, not just exams.

As well as focusing on the syllabus and core material, our tutors have fun exercises and activities, online resources and an innovative approach to one-on-one tuition. We have extensive experience in English, maths, verbal and nonverbal reasoning, and a fantastic record of getting our students into great schools. Keep an eye on the Minerva Knowledge Base on our website, as we will very soon be updating it with advice, resources and FAQs relating to the 7+ and 11+ exams.

If you think your child may need extra help with 7+ or 11+ exams, don’t hesitate to call us at the Temple of Minerva on 0208 819 3276.


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