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Summer Special! 6 lessons in ANY subject! Our specialist tutors will plan a bespoke one-to-one programme of lessons (6 hours in total) in a subject of your choice!  All this for £460 (payable in advance). Contact us now to get booked in!

“I am just so grateful I stumbled across Minerva way back in September/October last year - collectively, you guys provided a service that I did not even know existed and you have made it possible for Holly to move to the next stage of her education.
Libby, GCSE Homeschooling Parent

Tutoring. Local, Global, Online.

We deliver outstanding, confidence-boosting private tutoring and homeschooling to pupils in the UK and around the world, online or in person


Homeschooling. We're the experts.

We provide happy, safe, inspiring, life-changing educations for children who are learning at home

  • World class homeschooling tutors
  • 1-on-1 tuition, at home or online
  • Full, part time, or support packages
  • Academic mentoring
  • Progress reports & timetabling
  • Guidance with exam registration
  • Cultural Excursions

Small team, big impact.

Our tutors are hand-picked for their character, emotional intelligence, and confidence-building ability

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Safe & Vetted


Role Models

It's simple. We help kids succeed.

We can help transform your child's confidence and academic performance in just a few weeks

“Confidence has flourished …

“It's been revelatory…
“Eye opening …
"Storming ahead now...
“HUGELY impressed …
"Incredibly happy...
"A lot of fun...
"Betty is also a wonderful role model..."
"Loving being challenged by the work...
"Temple is fabulous...
"An invaluable boost...
"Thrilled with Jack...
"I've been really impressed...
"Super friendly, professional and supportive team...
"Scott is an absolute star...
"Siobhan is just brilliant...
"Thank you so much for setting up this life-saving company."
Jade H, Guardian, 11 Plus
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Smart tech, smart progress.

Read your child's lesson reports online with our ground-breaking portal technology

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Whether it's full-time homeschooling or extra maths lessons online at the weekend, we're here to help.

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